The ultimate salmon roe "SUZUKO" from Kido River in Fukushima Prefecture has been developed together with the "Yoake Ichiba (Dawn Market)" which is working to revitalize Iwaki City.
Narai-juku, located in Shiojiri, Nagano prefecture, is a post town where one can find the traditional atmosphere of the Edo period alive in modern times. Its 1km-long townscape of traditional wooden buildings has become a world-class heritage site of Japan like no other. We were involved in the branding of a high-end accommodation site with adjoining facilities such as a restaurant, sake brewery, bar, and other amenities in a renovated important cultural property in Narai-juku.
MIZBERING is a project where the public and the private sector work together to open up new possibilities of utilizing the waterfront. The project has been continuously active since 2013 as a national community that strengthens the momentum of water-friendly usage, creating connections across boundaries.
"JO-CHU ~ Purified Spirit" was created by distilling sake at a low temperature. It is neither a sake nor a shochu. We have discovered a completely new method of distilling sake that does not compromise its unique taste and flavor, meanwhile keep the high quality of sake.
On April 5, 2020, when a state of emergency could have been declared in Japan. We launched a collaborative editorial website, PANDAID, to help people survive the pandemic and encourage them to help.
By considering the galaxy as a part of the lifestyles, adults can gain more knowledge, and children can ideate and imagine more freely. It could be a chance for one to have a happier and more prosperous future. In a time where traveling beyond the Earth is possible, people become more familiar to the outer space and the galaxy. We wonder what kind of science communication was essential to spark people's interest and aspiration to journey to this remarkable place.
OPEN SOHKO DESIGN is an online database of renovation ideas and designs by professional designers and architects that anyone can copy or modify to renovate offices, furniture, etc.
The branding of the stationary that stands in the center of organizer notebooks, created in collaboration with Designphil, who has many fans from brands such as “midori” and “traveler’s note”.
This is the rebranding for the traditional Japanese tea maker that was first to sell green tea in Japan, established in Tokyo in 1960. We based the redesign of the package, website, and other collateral on the logo and font originally used during the Edo era. For this project, we studied very deeply about Japanese tea and calligraphy.
OLIVE is a wiki-style web project that was launched just 40 hours after the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami. With the objective of sharing do-it-yourself tips and tutorials to benefit refugees, the site immediately spread with ideas and knowledge from all over the world.
Designed for the Japanese sparkling sake " MIKADO LEMON SPARKLING" which aims at creating a new market by offering a new way of tasting Japanese sake. It is decorated with a whole peeled organic lemon rind grown in Japan. It shows the real surface of its embossed skin by UV printing, expressing natural freshness. Having the design not only easy to understand intuitively, but also luxurious like a high-class champagne bottle, it will give an impact on the current shrinking market of Japanese sake and create new fields.
Ohkawa Printing’s rebranding consists of a wide range of collateral in addition to their website, including their logo which is a mixture of their former emblem and a sign of printing quality “trim marks,” a selection of typefaces that express the link between the spirit of Ohkawa Printing and the Blues, business cards that express the personalities of each employee, signage, and more.
Black on a molecular level. One of the blackest substances on Earth, “ZENBLACK.”​​​​​​​ With the spread of ZENBLACK, we wanted all designers to believe in the expansion of possibilities of the color black.​​​​​​​ Rather than looking at black as a colour, we can in other words look at it as an optical property, by looking into how we can make light be “nothing”. Utilizing Japan’s nano technology, we used carbon tubes where we were able to put into actualization a black paint much blacker than the normal.​​​​​​​