We bring together diverse talents and evolute strong visions with 


We acquaint ourselves with design skills across various fields to understand why we do it, what can we achieve, and how to embody them in design.

Led by design strategist Eisuke Tachikawa, NOSIGNER is an international team of various expertise working together tightly with management across a wide range of design fields such as branding, product, space, and architectural design.



/ CEO / Design Strategist / Evolutional Creativity Inventor / Architect / Chief of Graphic Designer, Space Designer, Product Designer

/ COO / Lead Product Designer 

/ Producer / Lead Office Manager

/ Photographer / Videographer / Lead Project Manager / HR Manager

/ Lead Graphic Designer

Moe Shibata
/ Lead Graphic Designer

Kazuki Mori
/ Lead Web Designer

Yuta Horimoto 
/ Assistant Graphic Designer

Yoshiharu Tange
/ Assistant Graphic Designer

Mahiro Kobayashi
/ Assistant Designer

/ Collaborator / Labor Relations Manager

Ayako Shinozaki
/ Collaborator / Accountant / Office Manager

Naoki Hijikata
/ Collaborator / Web Designer / Programmer

Yuki Harada
/ Collaborator / Public Relations / Writer

/ Collaborator / Graphic Designer / Publicist

Satsuki Sakai
/ Collaborator / Office Manager

Jun Furukawa
/ Co-producer

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