NOSIGNER is a design firm that seeks to bring evolution into every sector of society. Based on our principle of fostering invisible relationships (NO-SIGN) behind forms, we are committed to developing a deep understanding of existing issues, discovering surprising and unknown solutions, and creating innovative designs that will stand the test of time.

As professionals in design strategies, we have earned international recognition through over 100 awards for our design work in various fields, from brand development, corporate branding, product planning and design, space design, website and app design, etc.

Our involvement in numerous forward-looking projects has equipped us with extensive experience and knowledge in areas such as regional revitalization, urban planning, decarbonization, climate change adaptation measures, disaster prevention, infectious disease control, and cultural development.

To realize creative education and spark the evolution of various sectors, we also focus on activities to develop creative organizations and human resources through the diffusion of Evolutional Creativity, a method advocated by Eisuke Tachikawa, the CEO of NOSIGNER.
We co-create essential designs alongside clients who share our vision and team members who aim to produce the very best designs to bring about the evolution of the present and achieve a sustainable future.




Can we show the next generation a creative and hopeful future?

Human civilization has developed through the invention of all kinds of tools to create more vibrant lives and a better society. The ability to invent tools that embody various ideas and principles derives from our creativity as human beings. We can also call this our tool-designing ability.
Our great predecessors created numerous designs to overcome the challenges before them, which has allowed our lives to be healthier and more vibrant and our economy to become more prosperous.

However, as human civilization has evolved, we have borrowed too much from the Earth's finite future resources and severely damaged our ecosystems. As a result, we have already crossed the "planetary boundary," a threshold beyond which there is a risk of irreversible and rapid environmental change. It has been said that our current civilization may only last a few more decades under these circumstances.

It is highly ironic that despite human efforts to create a more hopeful future, ecological collapse, climate change, and food crises have all become global problems while ever-widening social disparities have led to conflict and division. In the process, local communities and traditional cultures that were once sustainable are now in decline.
How should we create a future filled with creativity and hope for the children of the future?


Through design, we are creating new relationships for the future.

NOSIGNER is an organization dedicated to design that is useful for the future.

We believe in the power of design because good design has the ability to mend fractured relationships. Design has the power to create not only form itself but also relationships through a form. We base our activities on the principle of creating the "unseen" (NO-SIGN) that lies behind such forms.

In order to create designs that directly give form to the relationships we wish to foster while developing ideas that generate new possibilities, we must possess the basic design skills that allow us to refine our forms of expression and plans.

At NOSIGNER, we have continued to nurture our design skills in a relentless pursuit of world-class quality in each area of expertise, including architecture, environmental, interior and spatial design, industrial design, graphic design, and packaging design. As a result, our team has become a global leader in each of these design disciplines.
We strive to transcend the boundaries of different design disciplines while using our expertise to explore unseen relationships through in-depth observation and formulate comprehensive design strategies that can spark innovations that are useful for the future.

We begin each project with thorough observation to discover concepts through which new situations can be created. Anyone who opens their eyes will see that nothing in the world is perfect. There are still ways to recreate forms that are more appropriate than the existing ones in every field. Design that addresses the specificity of each situation should not become a reproduction of particular styles that we have already seen elsewhere.

The various tools, cultures, and other artifacts humans have created to date can all be considered "design," depending on your point of view. We live in a time when the world is said to be unsustainable. Still, if we are creative enough, the modern age offers us opportunities to improve various infrastructures and implement them in society.

The things each of us can accomplish may be very small. However, a single creative idea can gradually change the world, as it will resonate with others, influence others, and occasionally be imitated by others. In the course of its activities, NOSIGNER hopes to create as many new design case studies as possible, contributing to a symbiotic future through co-creation with our friends working in various fields.









Drawing from the natural principle of evolution to uncover the core of creativity.

The amount of change that a single person or organization can bring about is never significant. Therefore, it is crucial not only to carefully create new cases one at a time but also to develop a more creative form of education capable of nurturing many creative individuals who can create such cases.
Creative design embraces the randomness of change and the necessity of circumstances, and nature is full of examples of such beautiful designs. Eisuke Tachikawa, CEO of NOSIGNER, who has been interested in this universal relationship, has uncovered similarities between the nature of human creativity and the adaptive evolution of living organisms, which led him to propose a new method of creativity education called "Evolutional Creativity" that is based on the evolutionary process.
NOSIGNER promotes development based on "Evolutional Creativity," a principle that sparks innovations through a process similar to the evolution of living organisms and provides services to various organizations. We also draw on the ideas co-created through our "Evolutional Creativity" programs as sources of inspiration and harness the power of design to implement these plans, which we oversee throughout the entire process until the project is complete.
In addition to training programs designed to spark innovations, we continue to work on increasing the number of creative people capable of generating ideas that may transform the future by providing children and adults of all ages with creativity education through Evolutional Creativity based on the natural sciences.


Clients as fellow change makers.

It is not possible to create change merely by having ideas on paper. Social change is only possible because of clients who are willing to implement design as a concrete tool. NOSIGNER has worked with numerous clients in industry, government, academia, and the private sector to implement projects through the power of design. We believe it is more appropriate for us to call such clients "friends" rather than "business partners." We hope you will consider working with us as our new friend. (The list of clients is not exhaustive.)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Acclaimed with design awards worldwide.

NOSIGNER has received more than 150 international design awards in various fields such as architecture, interior and spatial design, industrial design, packaging design, signage design, and social design, and has been crowned the world's best design firm in more than 10 international awards.
Eisuke Tachikawa, CEO of NOSIGNER, is the youngest person ever to serve as President of the Japan Industrial Design Association (JIDA), Japan's oldest national design organization, and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Design Association of Japan (D-8). He has served as a member and jury chairman for various leading international design awards, including the Good Design Award, ACC Tokyo Creativity Awards, World Architectural Forum, Design for Asia Awards, and Design Intelligence Awards, and has been involved in the promotion and dissemination of design culture.

NOSIGNER代表の太刀川英輔は、日本初の全国デザイン団体JIDA(公益社団法人日本インダストリアルデザイン協会)の理事長やD8(日本デザイン団体協議会)の監事理事長を史上最年少で務め、グッドデザイン賞・ACC賞・世界建築フォーラム・アジアデザイン賞・Design Intelligence Awardsなど世界を代表する様々なデザイン賞の審査委員や審査委員長を歴任するなど、デザイン文化の普及啓蒙を進めています。