Resurrecting the creativity of an era when everyone made things.


In this modern age, when we want to acquire something of value to us, we just buy it. This is our standard behavior. However, this consumer behavior became common only from the 18th century when the market economy was established. Before this, people made the things they needed themselves. It thus added value to these things.

Now that buying has become common, we humans are forgetting our natural, creative processes and actions to make things. Even so, it is a fact that digital fabrication equipment such as 3D printers and laser cutters provide the means for more creative handiwork.




Meanwhile, the intellectual property system, which is a precondition of modern manufacturing, has a history of only about 500 years since the world's first patent was issued in Venice in the 15th century. In human history, this is a relatively recent development. The negative aspects of the modern intellectual property system are often cited such as being an economic wall and impeding creative innovations. We cannot deny that this could be one factor inhibiting the "creativity" that only humans possess on Earth.

Under such conditions, we have proceeded with open-source design projects to promote people's creativity and the value and joy of making things with your own hands. Our initiative has resulted in diverse examples such as Open Source Furniture and OLIVE. Although open-source design has gained some traction, it is still far from being a widespread alternative for consumers to pursue DIY.


こうした状況の中で私たちは、人々の創造性を高めることや、自らの手でものをつくることの価値や喜びを伝えることを目的に、自主的にオープンソースなデザインプロジェクトを推進してきました。そこから、Open Source FurnitureやOLIVEなどさまざまな事例が生まれています。こうしたオープンソースデザインの追求は一定の共感を得ましたが、消費に対するオルタナティブな選択としてDIYによるものづくりが広く社会に普及するには、まだまだ圧倒的に選択肢が足りない状況でした。

OLIVE s a wiki site that gathers and shares practical knowledge during a disaster. OLIVEは、災害時に有効な知識を集めて共有するwikiサイトです。

「OPEN SOHKO DESIGN」のコンセプトを表したダイアグラムと説明文
Creating a catalog of open-source designs.


Aiming to popularize and promote open-source design, we thought that having a database of many DIY recipes for copyright-free designs was essential, similar to cooking recipes. Re-SOHKO has the concept of "Connecting warehouses to people, objects, and things." When they gave us a warehouse renovation request, we worked with them to start the OPEN SOHKO DESIGN website.​​​​​​​

オープンソースデザインの普及・啓蒙を目指す私たちは、料理のレシピサイトのように、多くのDIYの方法が著作権フリーのデザインとともに開示されたデータベースの存在が不可欠だと考えていました。そして『倉庫と新しいヒト・モノ・コトをつなぐ』という理念を掲げるRe-SOHKOから倉庫リノベーションの依頼を受けたことをきっかけに、彼らとともに「OPEN SOHKO DESIGN」というWEBサイトを立ち上げることになりました。

「OPEN SOHKO DESIGN」のホームページのGIFアニメーション
OPEN SOHKO DESIGN is an online database of renovation ideas and designs by professional designers and architects that anyone can copy or modify to renovate offices, furniture, etc.
The website includes open-source design pioneer Enzo Mari's tables and chairs that can be made with just boards and nails, office furniture by David Steiner who advocates furniture design for digital fabrication, and the office furniture we made for the Mozilla office, one of the world's largest open source communities.
This database gives people an alternative to be creative and make their own offices and studios with their own hands.

「OPEN SOHKO DESIGN」は、誰でもコピーや改変ができるオフィスや家具、改装アイデアのデザインをアーカイブしたオンライン上のデータベースです。
サイト上には、板と釘があれば誰もが簡単に組み立てることができる家具として、オープンソースデザインの先駆けとなったEnzo Mariのテーブルやチェア、デジタルファブリケーション時代の家具デザインを提示するDavid Steinerのオフィス家具、私たちが世界最大級のオープンソースコミュニティMozillaのオフィスのために手がけたオフィス家具の事例など、プロのデザイナーや建築家によるオープンデザインがアーカイブされています。

「OPEN SOHKO DESIGN」のオープンソースなテーブルとプランター
Designer: (left)David Steniner& Joni Steiner, Enzo Mari    (right) NOSIGNER


We designed the Re-SOHKO TRANSFORM BOX, a mobile workplace that anybody can build. When closed, it becomes a standard-size pallet to easily transport things. It stores the tools necessary to make things and even has a work desk built-in. A portable workshop that can be used anywhere. The blueprint to build this box is also available in OPEN SOHKO DESIGN.

Click Re-SOHKO TRANSFORM BOX to download the design.

「誰でもつくれるムーバブルな仕事場」をコンセプトに、閉じると物流パレットの規格サイズになり、容易に移動ができる「Re-SOHKO TRANSFORM BOX」をデザインしました。クリエイティブな仕事に必要なさまざまなツールとワークデスクなどの家具が内蔵され、あらゆる場所にものづくりができる環境を用意できるこのボックスの図面も、「OPEN SOHKO DESIGN」上に公開されています。

 Re-SOHKO TRANSFORM BOX をクリックしてダウンロードしてください。

「TRANSFORM BOX」に搭載されたカウンターテーブルと有孔ボード収納
Making society creative, full of open design.


Many people have copied and modified the office and furniture designs and renovation ideas provided by OPEN SOHKO DESIGN. They have used them to build offices, renovate studios, design home interiors, etc.

Things you make yourself with open-source designs bring added value not possible with ready-made purchased things. You feel a certain love and attachment to the thing you made yourself. There is a personal joy and memory also created in the process.
Also, with the modern-day problems of product market saturation, decreasing natural resources, and excess waste, renovation and upcycling are becoming more important. Open design is a viable option.

In such times, Fablab, Open Desk, PreciousPlastic, and other projects around the world are striving to bring back the DIY handmade culture. We are also working with these projects to accumulate case studies and expand our networking with fellow people making sustainable and open-design products.
We hope that the creation of value with your own hands will be a viable alternative for the future.

「OPEN SOHKO DESIGN」上に公開されたオフィスや家具のデザイン、改装のアイデアは多くの人たちによってコピー・改変され、オフィスづくりやスタジオのリノベーション、住まいのインテリアなどに活用されています。


こうした時代の中、FablabやOpen Desk、PreciousPlasticなど、自らの手でつくる文化を取り戻す活動が世界中で行われています。私たちもまた、こうした動きと連携しながらケーススタディを積み重ねることによって、サステナブルでオープンなものづくりをする仲間たちを増やしていきたいと考えています。


Social design by evolution thinking. 
Art Direction
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa)
Graphic Design
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa, Toshiyuki Nakaie)
Product Design
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa, Kunihiko Sato, Sui Fujikawa)
Web Design
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa, Toshiyuki Nakaie)
Masaharu Hatta


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