Making Yokohama a city of innovators again.


About 160 years ago, Yokohama was one of the first ports to open its doors to the world after a long period of national isolation. Against this historical backdrop, Yokohama, the center of Japan's civilization, became a city of innovators, full of "Japan's firsts" such as railroads, gas lamps, telephones and ice cream. Today, Yokohama is Japan's second largest city and Japan's largest port city, but it has yet to realize its full potential as an economic city. In recent years, the Minato Mirai area has been attracting large companies' research and development facilities, and it is expected to revitalize industry as a center of cutting-edge technology, while the Kannai area, which is the home of innovation in Japan and where we have our office, is concerned about the future hollowing out due to the relocation of the city hall. What can we do to transform the Kannai area into a city that attracts many creators and start-up companies and continues to produce innovation by working hand in hand with the government and large corporations?


Towards the city of innovation through the crossover.


(YOXO Project)
At the request of the city of Yokohama, we are currently working on the conceptual design and promotion of YOXO, a comprehensive branding project to promote Yokohama as an innovation city.We designed the name "YOXO" with the hope that it will be a place that creates innovations that will be appreciated by people in the future. YOXO is the Japanese word for "well done!" It is a word that has the pronunciation and meaning of it.The spelling is reminiscent of "YOKOHAMA," as in "NYC," which stands for New York. It also superimposes a picture of a future where people celebrate and appreciate the innovations created by the challengers.The letter "X" symbolizes the concept of "YOKOHAMA CROSS OVER," in which the private sector, including startups, large corporations, and shops, as well as government and research institutions, collaborate to take on new challenges in Yokohama, transcending their positions and sectors.

As part of the YOXO project, we were in charge of the interior direction and signage design for YOXO BOX, a venture company growth support business base established in the Kannai area.Based on the concept of a sandbox (= test site) that generates innovation from various crossovers, the walls and glass surfaces of the facility are patterned with the alphabet that makes up the name of the facility.Through a variety of events held throughout the year, we aim to make this space a hub for driving the innovation movement in Yokohama.

私たちは現在、横浜市からの依頼を受けて横浜をイノベーションシティとして推進する総合的なブランディングプロジェクト「YOXO」のコンセプト設計とデザインを推進しています。未来の人から感謝されるイノベーションを生み出すためにも、「よくやってくれた!」という意味を持つ「YOXO」(よくぞ)というネーミングを設計しました。ニューヨークの略称「NYC」のように「YOKOHAMA」を想起させるスペリングを意識するとともに、この街の挑戦者たちが生み出したイノベーションを未来の人たちが讃え、感謝する情景を重ね合わせています。そして「X」の文字は、スタートアップから大企業、商店などの民間や行政、研究機関などが、横浜で立場やセクターを超えて協働し、新たなチャレンジをしていくことを示すコンセプト「YOKOHAMA CROSS OVER」と共鳴しています。

YOXOの施策の一環として、関内エリアに開設されたベンチャー企業成長支援事業の拠点「YOXO BOX」の内装ディレクション・サインデザインなどを担当しました。さまざまなクロスオーバーからイノベーションを生み出すサンドボックス(砂場=実験場)をコンセプトにした施設の壁面やガラス面には、施設名を構成するアルファベットをパターン展開しています。年間を通じて開催されるさまざまなイベントなどを通じて、この空間が横浜におけるイノベーションのムーブメントを牽引する拠点にすることを目指しています。

The flagship of the Innovation City Declaration.


In January 2019, Mayor Fumiko Hayashi declared Yokohama an "Innovation City," and Yokohama's innovation measures will now be promoted under the banner of YOXO. In addition to the various lectures and events held at YOXO BOX, the YOXO Festival and the opening of a data science laboratory are other initiatives that will continue to build momentum for innovation throughout the city.We look forward to continuing to promote this project in the future. With Kannai, where young challengers gather, and Minato Mirai, where cutting-edge technology is concentrated, we envision a city where a variety of challengers will cross over and innovations will be born one after another.

2019年1月、林文子市長によって「イノベーション都市・横浜」が宣言され、今後は横浜のイノベーション施策を「YOXO」の旗印のもとで進めることとなりました。YOXO BOXで行われるさまざまな講座やイベントに加え、YOXO フェスティバルやデータサイエンス関連のラボラトリ開設などさまざまな構想が進められる予定であり、市内各所でイノベーションの機運が高まっています。今後も私たちは、若い挑戦者が集う関内と最先端の技術が集積するみなとみらいの2エリアを軸に、多様な挑戦者たちがクロスオーバーし、次々とイノベーションが生まれる街となることを思い描きながら、このプロジェクトを継続的に推進していきたいと考えています。

Art Direction
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa)
Graphic Design
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa, Nozomi Aoyama, Kosuke Nakamura)

Yokohama, Japan
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