CQ : Carbon Neutral Quotient​​​​​​​

Can we decarbonize our lives?


Weather disasters such as typhoons, hurricanes, and torrential rains have risen approximately five-fold over the past 50 years. Major causes of climate change include CO2 and greenhouse gases. With climate change accelerating in recent years, the need to combat it has become a top priority to sustain our civilization. However, humankind has been extremely slow in its countermeasures. If global warming continues at its current pace, Earth's temperature is projected to rise by about 4.5 degrees Celsius by 2100. This will lead to more weather disasters due to climate instability, the spread of infectious diseases, depletion of natural resources, and other accelerated destruction, threatening future life from many angles.


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Greenhouse gas emissions by various consumption categories in Japan based on quantity

As we head toward the worst-case scenario, the transition to a decarbonized society has become a global mission spanning all sectors, including industry, academia, government, and private. Achieving a decarbonized society requires us to rethink national policies and the industry at the fundamental level. At the same time, it is also essential for individual consumers to update their lifestyles. This is because carbon dioxide is generated everywhere in our lives. However, very few are aware of their CO2 emissions.

Humankind faces a massive challenge:
Can each of us recognize this difficult issue as our own and change our habits?



A new intelligence index to decarbonize our lifestyles.


As a group engaged in developing a new service concept for building decarbonized lifestyles, we planned and designed a new decarbonization platform called the CQ indicator.

CQ is a new indicator that assesses decarbonized lifestyles. CQ visualizes the score with the average value on the current deviation as 100, similar to the intelligence quotient IQ. CQ is not only a self-checking indicator of one's decarbonization habits but also a lifestyle brand that encourages good environmental choices.
CQ will create a status quo where the indicator is high while the surrounding people are happy, transmitting a lifestyle that reduces CO2 emissions while keeping your everyday fun. We will also foster a new decarbonization movement to create a society where we can all live in harmony with Earth.

CQ aims to be more than merely an indicator that visualizes individual decarbonization, striving to become a brand that enables carbon negativity (a state in which the amount of greenhouse gases absorbed exceeds the number of emissions) in various areas of life. To this end, we will collaborate with businesses, organizations, and others involved in decarbonization projects. As our first demonstration experiment, we offset the CO2 generated by the Nakatsugawa THE SOLAR BUDOKAN 2022 music festival held in September 2022 through fundraising activities via experience design and novelties to create a carbon-neutral festival.

CQは、個人の脱炭素アクションを可視化する指標だけでなく、脱炭素プロジェクトに取り組む事業者や団体等とのコラボレーションを通じて、生活の様々な領域でのカーボン・ネガティブ(=温室効果ガスの吸収量が排出量を上回っている状態)を実現するブランドになることを目指しています。その第一弾となる実証実験として、2022年9月に開催された音楽フェスティバル「中津川 THE SOLAR BUDOKAN 2022」で発生したCO2を、体験設計やノベルティ等を通した募金活動によってオフセットし、カーボンニュートラルなフェスを実現しました。

To raise donations equivalent to the amount of CO2 emissions for the number of people attending the festival, we designed collaborative T-shirts and towels with the number of people who offset carbon emissions printed on them. CQ also produces original carbon offset CQ T-shirts and eco bags. The words "NEUTRAL" and "NEGATIVE" printed on them mean carbon neutral and carbon negative, respectively. We aim to expand the decarbonization movement through a unique perspective that dares to treat the word "negative" positively.

The logo design is a contraction of the string "CO2" and embodies the project's goal of curbing CO2 emissions. We chose a vivid green color to express an unprecedented movement for decarbonization, a sense of newness, and environmental imagery.​​​​​​​


Toward a society where zero-carbon lifestyles are the norm.


CQ aims to become the standard platform for supporting individuals and organizations that take on the challenge of decarbonization and to help society make low carbon and low environmental impact choices a hip lifestyle. Making every person conscious of decarbonization will minimize climate change, leading society closer to sustainability. Our lifestyle's "common sense" will change if more people support environmentally friendly lifestyles and assertively practice them for themselves and others.
We will continue to run alongside this project to expand it into a massive movement that leverages everyone's creativity to overcome the global challenge of achieving carbon neutrality.



Social design by evolutional creativity. 
Art Direction
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa)
Graphic Design
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa, Ryo Fukusawa, Noémie Kawakita)
Motion Design
Aco Hsu
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa, Ryo Fukusawa, Noémie Kawakita)
Web Design
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa, Ryo Fukusawa, Noémie Kawakita)
NOSIGNER (Naoki Hijikata)
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