How many organizations where you can work while being true to yourself are there?

A study (2017/Gallup, USA) shows that only 6% of all working Japanese people are enthusiastic in their work. This shows that there are still very few Japanese people that are able to work and actualize themselves within their organizations. Japanese companies are having a difficult time creating an environment that balances profit and employee self-actualization amid the current recession. This difficult situation was made all the worse during the pandemic in 2020 and onwards, which caused a reduction in employee motivation and productivity, creating conflict between corporate economic efficiency and individual self-actualization.


Consulting to improve the vitality of companies.


RELATIONS is a consulting firm specializing in corporate cost optimization and organizational revitalization. We are one of the few Japanese teal organizations that incorporates a holacratic management system; we use a flat organizational structure that allows each employee to work autonomously within a group. They also provide their clients with the know-how they have gained through their own organizational operations. The company has earned a reputation for enhancing employee autonomy and initiative, while strengthening its profit structure. NOSIGNER was asked by the company's representative, who deeply empathized with Evolutional Creativity, to manage a comprehensive brand strategy that included logos, branding tools, website design, corporate purpose, and their approach to their services.


The logo design connects to itself using the letter "r" from the company name, embodies the "Relations" name, and represents how the company weaves relationships. The logo uses the letter "r" to form a gradation from where they are, what new possibilities they face, and the fruits of these possibilities along a gradient.


When this symbol is deployed on all branded stationery, employee business cards, binders, stickers, etc., it takes the form of a large tree. It represents an organization undergoing constant evolution as it faces new possibilities, expanding like a tree, growing from an individual into a group. The brand color is green, evoking the vitality of plants and teal organizations.


The website design expresses the "appearance of life force overflowing from honest relationships" for all kinds of relationships, including people to people and people to money. We will continue to visualize the honest relationships the company creates - by renewing its purpose statement and upgrading of management development methods to revitalize the organization.​​​​​​​


Increasing the number of honest companies where you can work while being true to yourself.

RELATIONS' purpose is to "bring life to companies.” An organization in which individuals work energetically and honestly, and in which empathy for the organization's purpose overflows, can be said to be an organization with truly high vitality.
Just as a lush forest is created when light, water, soil, and living creatures circulate without interruption, an organization can realize an optimal cost structure and organizational vitality by creating "honest relationships" that allows money, people, and resources to flow without interruption.
The more companies with this kind of vitality that can be created, the more each individual can work in his or her own way and shine, creating a virtuous cycle that results in high productivity. By questioning their own way of being, more and more companies will surely pay attention not only to the stagnation of money and communication, but also to the abundant activities for the earth and the natural world in the future.

Beautiful design is born from beautiful relationships. We at NOSIGNER have always believed this, and "relationships" is a theme that we continue to pursue. We hope to promote sustainable transitions for organizations together with our fellow RELATIONS members.



Social design by evolutional creativity. 
Art Direction
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa)
Graphic Design
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa, Ryo Fukusawa, Moe Shibata)
Web Design
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa, Ryo Fukusawa)
NOSIGNER (Yuichi Hisatsugu)

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