We are always looking for ideal team members for establishing the best team to maximize our impact to the world.


NOSIGNER is an organization that believes in the power of design and continuously seeks design strategies that can truly revolutionize society. Our philosophy is to create things that exist in shape and form in the background but are not represented in signs or symbols (NO-SIGN) that we easily recognize. However, we cannot do this alone.

NOSIGNER has prepared an environment where fellow designers who endeavor to complete projects at the highest quality can learn and grow together. We are always waiting for you, who constantly strive for excellence and growth.

In addition, we are constantly striving to create a comfortable work environment so we can perform at our best. In 2022, we became the first design firm in Japan to be certified as a White Company, and in 2023, we received the White Career Award in the Work-Life Balance category.

NOSIGNER is looking for fellow designers eager to generate positive impacts on society in the fields mentioned below. We await applications from passionate candidates eager to leverage their past experience and skills to pursue revolutionary designs together with us.​​​​​​​



また、最高のパフォーマンスができるよう、働きやすさを日々追求しています。2022年に、デザイン事務所としては日本で初めてホワイト企業ゴールド認定を受け、2023年には「ホワイト企業アワード ワークライフバランス部門」を受賞しました。さらに「ホワイト企業大賞【特別賞】人間の創造性大賞」も受賞しています。


GRAPHIC DESIGNER  グラフィックデザイナー(社員・業務委託)​​​​​​​

PRODUCT DESIGNER プロダクトデザイナー(社員・業務委託)​​​​​​​

WEB DESIGNER ウェブデザイナー(社員・業務委託)​​​​​​​

PRODUCER プロデューサー(社員・業務委託)​​​​​​​

PR COORDINATOR 広報担当者(社員・業務委託)​​​​​​​

SECRETARY / BACK OFFICE MANAGER 役員秘書・バックオフィスマネージャー(契約社員・正社員登用あり・時短・業務委託相談可)​​​​​​​

SHORT-TIME ASSISTANT BACK OFFICE MANAGER アシスタントバックオフィスマネージャー(社員・業務委託・時短勤務相談可)
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