THE MOON​​​​​​​
Created by modifying "Full moon in the clouds" (©Katsiaryna Naliuka (Licensed under CC BY 4.0))

To remember the light of hope that illuminated the night sky after the earthquake.


The history of the light, which is illuminating in the darkness of night

On the 11th of March 2011, the largest earthquake in Japan with a magnitude of 9.0 hit East Japan causing enormous damage. The earthquake and tsunami caused several power stations to shut down. Under the dark nights of uneasiness the people spent in damaged areas, there was one night a full moon shone in the shadowy skies. It was the brightest it had ever been since the last 20 years, which we saw as the light of hope of Japan, engulfed in a hopeless atmosphere. At the same time, it seemed like a symbol of awe that evoked connections with the earthquake. A full moon that burned into our hearts. We wondered if this memory could be left in some kind of form.


満月の形を再現したLED照明「THE MOON」
Produced the world's first LED light with 3D data of the full moon.


THE MOON was the first ever LED light to reproduce an elaborate full moon with a 3D printer, based on 3D data of the moon observed by JAXA satellite "Kaguya". We currently live surrounded by a large number of lights. However, retrospectively in human history, the brightest like that has ever illuminated dark nights since ancient times was nothing but the moon. When you think about this, you may be able to think that every light that exists in the world today is a copy of the moon. As we realized a light that reproduced the same shape of the moon was the ultimate light with the most natural look, we devised THE MOON as a prototype.

THE MOONは、JAXAの衛星「かぐや」が観測した月の3Dデータを元に、精巧な満月を3Dプリンタで再現した史上初のLEDライトです。現在、私たちは数々の照明に囲まれて生活していますが、人類史を遡ってみると、古代から闇夜を照らし続けてきた最も明るい光は、月にほかなりません。そう考えると、いま世の中に存在するあらゆる照明は、すべて月をコピーしたものと捉えることもできるかもしれません。私たちは、月の形を精巧に再現した照明こそが、最も自然な形をした究極の明かりであると考え、THE MOONを考案し、そのプロトタイプをデザインしました。

クローズアップした「THE MOON」

A huge hit, resulting in millions of copies.


THE MOON is the first ever light to reproduce the shape of a full moon with a 3D printer, where now it is able to be easily purchased at a low price online of copied products. Starting with our design, although this light spread through the world in this way, there is no better original design than the moon itself, that does not belong to anyone. THE MOON was probably a project that taught us that projects can gradually become something that is not the original designers work when people start to resonate with the product.

3Dプリンタによって満月の形を再現した史上初の照明であるTHE MOONは、その後無数のコピー商品を生み出すこととなり、いまではオンラインストアなどで安価な商品を簡単に購入できるようになっています。私たちのデザインに端を発し、世界中に広がっていった満月の照明ですが、元を正せば、月そのもののデザインは誰のものでもありません。個性やトレンドを超越し、多くの人の心に響くカタチが見つけられると、やがてそれはつくり手から離れ、誰のものでもなくなっていくということを、THE MOONは教えてくれているのかもしれません。

ひかる「THE MOON」を片手で持っている写真
水面に反射する「THE MOON」


Product Design
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa)
D3 Texture Technology
K's Design Lab


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