Eisuke Tachikawa

Kanazawa College of Art Visiting Professor
Machimirai Co., Ltd. Chief Design Officer / Director
SUSTUS Co., Ltd. Chief Design Officer / Director

Eisuke Tachikawa is a design strategist who designs alternatives for a hopeful future and aims to renew creativity education.

To foster change-makers in various sectors of industry, academia, and government, he advocates "Evolutional Creativity," which tells the essence of creativity from the natural phenomenon of biological evolution and continues to work to spread creative education.
He has gone beyond products, graphics, and architecture to create comprehensive strategies for countless next-generation energy, regional revitalization, and SDG-related projects and lead them all to success.
Winner of more than 100 awards worldwide, including the Good Design Gold Award (Japan) and DFA Design for Asia Grand Award (Hong Kong), he has also served as a judge for the Good Design Award, DIA (Design Intelligence Award), DFAA (Design for Asia Award), and WAF (World Architecture Festival). His main projects include OLIVE, Tokyo Bousai, PANDAID, YAMAMOTOYAMA, Yokohama DeNA BayStars, YOXO (Yokohama, Japan), the primary concept creator for the 2025 Osaka Kansai Expo’s Japan Pavilion.
He is the writer of "Evolutional Creativity" (Ama no Kaze, 2021), which won the Shichihei Yamamoto Prize, Japan's leading academic award selected by biologists and economists,  and "Design and Innovation - 50 Ways to Create the Future" (Pie International, 2016).
The Cabinet Secretariat of "The Cool Japan Movement Promotion Council" appointed Tachikawa as the Concept Director in 2014 (March-August). He accepted this position as a volunteer and brought together the "Cool Japan Proposal." Cool Japan's mission was declared along with the Prime Minister as "Japan to solve world problems creatively" due to its contribution towards creativity. Tachikawa also designed this strategy ahead of the SDGs, though it became a visionary proposal due to the cabinet reshuffle.
"OLIVE" is a wiki-like platform sharing useful designs in the event of a disaster. It was launched 40 hours after the Great East Japan Earthquake, enlightening the movement of disaster prevention design. The outcome developed further through Tokyo Disaster Prevention (in cooperation with Dentsu), the most extensive disaster prevention plan in Japan's administrative history. Tokyo Metropolitan Government issued more than 8.3 million copies and distributed them to all households within Tokyo.
NOSIGNER is familiar with various social issues represented by SDGs. By collaborating with enterprises and administration in different fields such as future energy, regional activities, traditional industry, and scientific communication, it continues to evolve society with design.

Disaster prevention

WIKI "OLIVE," which shares good designs in the event of a disaster, launched 40 hours after the Great East Japan Earthquake and ignited the movement of disaster prevention design after the earthquake. These activities will create THE SECOND AID, creating a disaster prevention industry in Tohoku. Also, OLIVE's books were developed into Tokyo disaster prevention (collaborating with Dentsu), the most significant disaster management plan in the history of the administration, which Tokyo later issued more than 8.30 million copies and distributed to all households. We made it a movement to enjoy disaster prevention.

Traditional industry

Starting with the design work from Tokushima's woodwork production from student days, work with traditional industries is diverse. We worked on the design direction of the traditional craft brand "Aeru," a 0 to 6-year-old brand that received the APEC BEST AWARD as a social enterprise. In addition, Kanpyou Udon in Oyama City, Tochigi Prefecture, won the world's No. 1 design award in the food package category at the 2009 PentAwards. Worked on the branding of Echizen Lacquer, which is the largest lacquer production area in Japan, and developed the blackest lacquer in the history of 1200 years of lacquer tradition integrated with the pictogram that expresses the true meaning of lacquer, and the CNT technology of Toyo Ink.

Tohoku Reconstruction Support

Since OLIVE's work, he has worked on several Tohoku reconstruction support projects. A project to create a disaster prevention industry typified by THE SECOND AID, “A snack TIMES” project to create a market by introducing East Japan's treats in collaboration with JR East, an accessory brand OCICA to create a community on the Oshika peninsula of Ishinomaki At the EAST JAPAN PROJECT, a student at Sakai, we continue to connect the affected districts and markets, such as product design.

Civic Pride

In Shizuoka City, as a branding director of the Cultural Art Creation Base Formation Project, we will expand the “Machi wa Theater” policy in collaboration with Mayor Nobuhiro Tanabe and director Miyagi Kei, “ON STAGE SHIZUOKA” and “Fuji no Nii World Theater The brand aims to make Shizuoka a sacred place for performing arts. In Yokohama, he works on the branding of the baseball team  BayStars to establish a lifestyle with baseball and works on designs that extend to the streets of Yokohama, such as THE BAYS, + B, and Manhole. In addition, through collaboration with ACY / Baystars, we are connecting the innovators of Yokohama through the creation of a community called WE BRAND YOKOHAMA.

Cool Japan

From March 2014-August 2014, the Cabinet Secretariat, "Cool Japan Movement Promotion Conference," appointed Eisuke Tachikawa as a concept director from the minister and accepted as a volunteer and put together the "Cool Japan proposal." Contributing to formulating the Cool Japan mission declaration "Japan for creatively solving the problems of the world" and presenting it with the former Minister Atsumi Inada. I drew a design strategy ahead of the SDGs. However, one week after the declaration, it will become a visionary proposal by the reshuffle of the cabinet. I also like the shrine and temple that both self and others recognize in the proposal, such as the improvement of the sign plan of the temples and shrines and the TEDx Tokyo. We aim at the preservation of tradition. The cosmetic brand WAREW with the theme of white indigo, shines in the world's top package design in the field of cosmetics in the 2013 PentAwards.

Science communication

Since 2007, he has been working as a graphic designer since he started designing as a graphic designer at the University of Tokyo's Center for Advanced Science and Technology Research and has been working on science communication since its inception. Branding support for "Hair Tourism" is operated by the public relations director of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan and Naoko Yamazaki, an astronaut. In Milan Salone, in collaboration with AGC, we created the world's largest glass molecular structure model using glass material samples. He was introduced as BEST OF MILAN DESIGN WEEK from FRAME.

Renewable energy

In the “Design Strategy Recommendation for Radioactive Waste Final Disposal Site” proposed to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2018, the radioactive waste disposal site should be neutralized from the nuclear policy and conversely integrated with the renewable energy policy. So, he drew a strategy for the disposal site to become a hill of hope for future energy policy.

金沢美術工芸大学 客員教授
株式会社まち未来製作所 CDO、取締役

プロダクト、グラフィック、建築などの高いデザインの表現力を活かし、SDGs、次世代エネルギー、地域活性などを扱う数々のプロジェクトで総合的な戦略を描く。グッドデザイン賞金賞、アジアデザイン賞大賞、ドイツデザイン賞金賞他、国内外を問わず100以上のデザイン賞を受賞し、DFAA(Design for Asia Awards)、WAF(World Architecture Festival)、グッドデザイン賞等の審査委員を歴任する。
著書の『進化思考』(海士の風、2021年)は生物学者・経済学者らが選ぶ日本を代表する学術賞「山本七平賞」を受賞。他に『デザインと革新』(パイ インターナショナル、2016年)がある。



東日本大震災の40時間後に立ち上げた災害時に役立つデザインを共有するWIKI「OLIVE」は、大震災以降の防災デザインのムーブメントに火をつけた。その活動がTHE SECOND AIDを生み、東北の防災産業創出につながる。


学生時代からの徳島の木工のプロデュースからデザインの仕事を始めたのを皮切りに、伝統産業との仕事は多岐にわたる。社会起業としてAPEC BEST AWARDを受賞した0〜6歳の伝統ブランド「和える」のデザインディレクションを手がける。また、栃木県小山市のかんぴょううどんは2009年ペントアワードの食品パッケージデザイン部門にて世界一となるプラチナ賞を受賞。日本最大の漆器産地、越前漆器のブランディングを手がけ、漆の真贋ををわかりやすく表現するピクトグラム、東洋インキのCNT技術と融合した漆伝来1200年の歴史上最も黒い漆の開発を手がけている。


OLIVEの仕事以来、東北復興支援のプロジェクトを数多く手がけている。THE SECOND AIDに代表される防災産業創出のためのプロジェクト、JR東日本との協業による東日本のおかしを紹介して市場をつくる「おやつTIMES」プロジェクト、石巻の牡鹿半島にコミュニティをつくるためのアクセサリーブランドOCICA、師である隈研吾のEAST JAPAN PROJECTにてプロダクトデザイン等、被災地のコミュニティと市場をつなぐ挑戦を続けている。


静岡市では、文化芸術創造拠点形成事業のブランディングディレクターとして、田辺信宏市長や演出家の宮城聰さんとの協業で「まちは劇場」政策を広げ、「ON STAGE SHIZUOKA」や「ふじのくに⇄世界演劇祭」のブランディングを手がけて静岡をパフォーミングアーツの聖地にすることを目指している。地元横浜では、ベイスターズのライフスタイル化のブランディングを手がけ、THE BAYSや+B、マンホールなど横浜の街に広がるデザインを手がける。またACY・ベイスターズとの協業でWE BRAND YOKOHAMAというコミュニティづくりを通して、横浜の変革者たちを繋いでいる。




2007-2009に東京大学先端科学技術研究センターの広報のデザインディレクションを手がけるところからグラフィックデザイナーとして活動を開始するなど、創業期よりサイエンスコミュニケーションに熱心に取り組んでいる。国立天文台の懸広報室長や宇宙飛行士の山崎直子さんが手がける「宙ツーリズム」をブランディングで支援している。ミラノサローネではAGCとの協業で世界最大のガラスの分子構造模型をガラスの素材サンプルで創り上げ、FRAME(蘭)からBEST OF MILAN DESIGNWEEKとして紹介される。


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