Through what significance of design could we help Cambodian women to live more independently?

Women living in rural villages in Cambodia have few revenue sources and it is difficult to receive education, so there are many cases where social advancement is hindered. Besides that, there was a very harsh reality that it is at risk of human trafficking due to poverty. The NPO corporation · Kamnonohashi project which has been working in Cambodia since 2002 has been engaged in hiring these women in rural areas and supporting them to live autonomously through manufacturing, We had launched the "Community Factory", but the profit margin of the products was low and we did not reach a sustainable effort.


We designed the relationship between the creator and buyer.

"SALA SUSU" launched with the Kamonohashi Project, which is a handmade fashion brand that brings the concept of polishing life skills of Cambodian women through manufacturing and closely following their prosperous journey of life. From designing convenient products women would bring to travel with, and through a wide range of design directions for store designs of directly operated shops in Siem Reap, Cambodia, we create relationships between the makers and buyers.

かものはしプロジェクトとともに立ち上げた「SALA SUSU」は、ものづくりを通してカンボジア女性たちのライフスキルを磨き、彼女たちの豊かな人生の旅に寄り添うことをコンセプトに掲げたハンドメイドファッションブランドです。女性たちが旅先に持っていくと便利なアイテムをテーマにした各商品から、カンボジア・シェムリアップにある直営ショップの店舗設計まで多岐にわたるデザインディレクションを通して、つくり手と買い手が関係性を育んでいくための接点をつくっていきました。

In Cambodia, when you are going to take the next step with courage, one would say "Su Su" (Ganbare!). In this word, we superimposed the figure of a Cambodian woman who is living her strongly, and invented a brand name combined with "SALA" meaning "school".


In all product tags of SALA SUSU, a stamp is personally stamped by the actual maker. All of the staff who work at the workshop located near the Siem Reap in Cambodia have their own stamps and by handling them over one by one for product tags, the buyer can know at a glance who the product was made by.

SALA SUSUの商品タグには、つくり手のスタンプが押されています。カンボジア・シェムリアップ近郊にある工房で働くスタッフ全員が自らのスタンプを持ち、商品タグに一つひとつ手押しすることで、誰がこの商品をつくったのかを買い手はひと目で知ることができます。

In each pocket of each product is a free imitating airline ticket. By presenting this free pass, you are able to find a tuk-tuk to pick you up from the Siem Reap with the World Heritage/Angkor Wat, to a village where the studio that is about 35 kilometers away.


A case model promoting social advancement for Cambodian women.

Compared with the product Kamonohashi project produced in the previous "Community Factory" project, the profit margin of SALA SUSU has increased around 5 times. As a result, Mr. Kenta Aoki, who was the co-representative of the Kamonohashi project, has since launched the new corporation SUSU in April 2018. The business of SALA SUSU has been highly appreciated by the Cambodian government, and SUSU is currently expanding its activities, including cooperating in creating programs for women's advancement to society.

We are a part of the social design investment in several projects including SALA SUSU. This is to make a design fee a pay-for-pay type contract, by concluding a contract with a customer with a royalty, and for social entrepreneurs having a social vision. It is a contract form reflecting our thoughts of investing from the design side.

かものはしプロジェクトが以前の「コミュニティファクトリー」事業で製作してきたプロダクトと比較し、SALA SUSUの利益率は約5倍程度にまで伸長しました。その結果として、かものはしプロジェクトの共同代表だった青木健太氏は、2018年4月に新法人SUSUを立ち上げるに至りました。SALA SUSUの事業はカンボジア政府からも高く評価され、SUSUは現在、同国の女性の社会進出に向けたプログラムづくりに協力するなど、活動の場を拡げています。

私達は、SALA SUSUをはじめとするいくつかのプロジェクトにおいて、ソーシャルデザインインベストメントを行っています。これは、顧客とロイヤリティー契約を結び、デザインフィーを成功報酬型にするもので、ソーシャルなヴィジョンを持つ社会起業家に対し、デザイン面から投資をしていくという私達の思想が反映された契約形態です。


Art Direction
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa)
Graphic Design
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa, Andraditya D.R.)
Space Design
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa, Kunihiko Sato)
International NGO Kamonohashi Project 
Ayako Kimura

NOSIGNER™: social design for evolution.

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