With what motive could we 
induce the citizens to be proud of their baseball team again, and bring back the liveliness of the empty stadium?

Yokohama DeNA Baystars is a professional baseball team with its home ground in Yokohama City, our activity base. Baystars were the Japan's top team in 1998, however the grades have been poor since 2000. Although its existence was recognized from Yokohama citizens, the relationship between the team and citizens was scarce, as it was hard to say that there was no charm the team appealed to other than their fans. In addition, it was difficult to manage such severe situations such as issuing a deficit, and where DeNA acquired the team in 2011, was required to expand the fan base and improve management.


We strategized to generate a lifestyle around baseball.

Ikeda Yoshinobu, the President, was at the time at the age of 35 years old, when Shisei Baystars developed a town development project "I ☆ YOKOHAMA", where citizens who loved Yokohama, the baseball team and stadium worked together. Parallel to this, we worked on designs such as the manholes placed around the stadium, and the design of the "Dream Gate" that allows you to see the grounds from outside the stadium. In addition, we designed the logo and branding for the lifestyle brand "+ B" based on the concept of "Lifestyle + Baseball", and opened in front of the town in the form of Baystars as an infrastructure, producing a design proposal to promote a lifestyle of baseball.

当時35歳だった池田純新社長のもと、新生ベイスターズは、横浜を愛する市民と球団・球場がともに取り組むまちづくりプロジェクト「I ☆ YOKOHAMA」を展開しており、私達はこれに並走する形で、スタジアム周辺のマンホールなど球場周辺のデザインや、球場外からグラウンドを見渡せる「ドリームゲート」のデザインなどを手がけました。さらに、「Lifestyle+Baseball」をコンセプトにしたライフスタイルブランド「+B」のロゴデザインおよびブランディングを手がけるなど、ベイスターズという存在をインフラとしてまちに開き、野球をライフスタイル化していくデザイン提案を行いました。

Within the traditional baseball team goods, there are few items that can be used except at the time of watching, and there were very few items that people could purchase who were not able to get to the baseball stadium. In response, we produced lifestyle goods incorporating elements of baseball and sports, and was also in charge of design direction of the entire "+ B" shop that was attached to the stadium. In addition, we did a wide variety of design directions such as the coffee counter "BALLPARK COFFEE" and website, which actively increased contact points between citizens and the team.

従来の球団グッズには、観戦時以外に使える物が少なく、普段球場に足を運ばない人たちが手に取れるアイテムがほとんどありませんでした。それを受け、野球やスポーツの要素を取り込んだライフスタイルグッズを制作するとともに、スタジアムに併設された「+B」ショップ全体のデザインディレクションも担当。さらに、コーヒーカウンター「BALLPARK COFFEE」やWebサイトなど多岐にわたるデザインディレクションを行い、市民と球団の接点を積極的に増やしていきました。

​​​​​​​In "+ B", we have a design code that is a guideline for developing companies and brands in Yokohama as collaboration items. By doing so, while keeping the brand's tone and manners, we reduce the development cost by involving many collaborators, and at the same time realise branding that broadens fan groups of the team.


As a pilot program of Yokohama sports town concept proposed by Baystars, we also designed the whole facility including the naming, logo and website of the site "THE BAYS", a base to disseminate new initiatives.

ベイスターズが提唱する横浜スポーツタウン構想のパイロットプログラムとして、新たな取り組みを発信していく拠点「THE BAYS(ザ・ベイス)」のネーミングやロゴ、Webサイトなど施設全般のデザインも行いました。​​​​​​​


Team reformation was a success, becoming one of Japan's most popular team.

While Yokohama DeNA Baystars is working on reforming the team, we promoted the baseball lifestyle mainly from the aspect of design under the concept of "Lifestyle + Baseball". As a result, the number of spectators mobilized from about 1.1 million at that time increased to 1.94 million as of 2016, now becoming one of the most popular teams in Japan, and to achieve a surplus in management as well as a brilliant achievement I was able to contribute.


The project "We Brand Yokohama" that creates communities by companies and individuals that excite Yokohama, was launched in a form that horizontally develops the basic philosophy we have raised that not only the appeal Baystars, but also the team is responsible for the branding of Yokohama as a whole.
As we founded this project, together with Yokohama City Arts and Culture Promotion Foundation "ACY Arts Commission Yokohama", became a banner to enhance civic pride, where now it is our turn to accelerate the innovation born from Yokohama.

ベイスターズの魅力発信にとどまらず、球団が横浜全体のブランディングを担うという私達が掲げてきた基本理念を水平展開させる形で、横浜を盛り上げる企業や個人によるコミュニティをつくるプロジェクト「We Brand Yokohama」が始動しています。
私達が発起人となり、公益財団法人横浜市芸術文化振興財団「ACY アーツコミッションヨコハマ」とともに進めているこのプロジェクトがシビックプライドを高めていくための旗印となり、横浜から生まれるイノベーションが加速することが私達の望むところです。​​​​​​​

Yokohama DeNA Baystars

Art Direction
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa)
Graphic Design
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa, Takeshi Kawano)
Space Design
ON design partners (Osamu Nishida)
METHOD (Yu Yamada)
Yokohama DeNA Baystars Baseball Club​​​​​​​

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