Finding a way for people today to take a healthier break.


When we take a break during or after finishing our work and tasks, it is to refresh ourselves, to recover from fatigue and to relax. Breaks are for regaining energy and vitality to move on to new activities. Those “cigarette breaks” or "rest time" are an essential part of human behavior. Nowadays, as we run more and more out of time, the significance and importance of having high-quality "breaks" and stopping to reflect on oneself is increasing. Most people want to be able to clear their minds in between tasks or after finishing their work.
Tobacco, which until recently used to be synonymous with “short breaks”, has unfortunately been proven to negative impact on our health. Energy drinks, that have been increasingly more popular those last few years, are also feared to pose health risks. 
Therefore, isn’t there a way for people today to make their breaks healthier?


There are no parting lines on the organic curved surface of the case, which is made of integrally molded aluminum. The result is a device that doesn't have the coldness of conventional electronic devices.


A modern aroma inhaler that fits in your hand like a stone.


We were involved in the planning, art direction, and hardware design of "ston," a device for relaxation and rest. ston allows you to inhale caffeine and GABA dissolved in vapor, and enjoy taste and aroma.

The concept of the product was to "update deep breathing". We found that mindfulness, balancing the mind through breathing, is the way to relax and take a break in the modern age. We named the product category that provides this unique experience "BREATHER".
Based on the hypothesis that people are most at ease in natural environments such as forests, plateaus, and riverbanks, we wanted a form as close to nature as possible. The shape of ston, which resembles a stone, was inspired by rock balancing, which increases concentration like meditation in Zen and yoga. It is obviously also the origin of the product’s name.

ston is a new concept device that gives you an experience close to deep breathing. It is equipped with a function that allows you to regulate your breathing through the rhythm of light. By skillfully adjusting the flow of air, it balances your mind in the same way as a deep breath. The device also contains no nicotine or other toxic ingredients, making it a healthy way to blow off steam.





Increasing the number of healthy and happy people by improving breaks.


Sold exclusively on the Internet, “ston” was sold out just hours after its release and caused quite a sensation. It even became the most popular product on amazon.co.jp, ranking first in Health Appliances and Home & Kitchen. More and more people are using this device during their working hours, and a healthy resting lifestyle is gradually spreading.
As a healthy alternative to cigarettes, liquors, and energy drinks, we hope that ston as well as BREATHER will innovate how we rest nowadays in order to increase the number of happy and healthy people in the future.



Social design by evolution thinking. 
Art Direction
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa)
Graphic Design
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa, Tomoro Hanzawa)
Product Design
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa, Daichi Komatsu)
Product Photograph
CCDN (Yuichi Hisatsugu)
Brand Image Photograph


DIA Design Intelligence Award: Honorable Mention(2021)
A' Design Award: Silver Award in Digital and Electronic Devices Design Category (2021)
A' Design Award: Iron Award in Digital and Electronic Devices Design Category (2022)

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