Product Design


REN is a sustainable plant specialty store run by Nobuaki Kawahara, the fourth generation of "Tokyo Ikebana," an ikebana flower material merchant established over 100 years ago.
Interior Design, Product Design, Furniture Design
ston is a new concept device that gives you an experience close to deep breathing. It is equipped with a function that allows you to regulate your breathing through the rhythm of light. By skillfully adjusting the flow of air, it balances your mind in the same way as a deep breath. The device also contains no nicotine or other toxic ingredients, making it a healthy way to blow off steam.
Product Design
This face shield takes no more than 30 seconds to complete, simply by placing a printed template in a clear file and cutting along the lines with scissors. The template, which requires no particular equipment, is available for free online alongside a tutorial video, and has been shared on social media and other platforms. Everyone can make one easily, and hopefully individually contribute to make the shortage of medical protective equipment easier to address.
Product Design
We developed a brand new "SOCIAL HARMONY" in order to spread the culture of social distancing in a humorous way.
Illustration, Graphic Design, Interaction Design
"JO-CHU ~ Purified Spirit" was created by distilling sake at a low temperature. It is neither a sake nor a shochu. We have discovered a completely new method of distilling sake that does not compromise its unique taste and flavor, meanwhile keep the high quality of sake.
Product Design, Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design
LIFECOIN STICER, which mimic the shape of the coins in the game, can also incorporate a motion sensor as a feature, and when you step on the sticker, a distinctive sound effect will sound. In various games, coins are both a symbol and motif for increasing life. This is what inspired us to create these stickers, and we hope that people will be aware of protecting their own lives and those of their loved ones. We created this design in a fun way to easily reach people of all ages.
Graphic Design, Interaction Design, Visual Effects
On April 5, 2020, when a state of emergency could have been declared in Japan. We launched a collaborative editorial website, PANDAID, to help people survive the pandemic and encourage them to help.
Art Direction, Industrial Design, UI/UX
We were in charge of branding the authentic coffee tool brand "CORES", used especially for specialty coffee. Based on the fact that the brand had developed by chance through the metal coffee filter "Gold Filter" that was developed together with Maruyama Coffee, we developed the same theme of maximizing the individuality of specialty coffee. We formulated a brand new concept called "coffee as it is", where we developed a logo and package design with a luxurious look, especially for people who are particular about their coffee.
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Packaging
Sabae City in Fukui Prefecture is Japan's largest lacquer production center. Lacquerware was once a big part of the Japanese lifestyle. However, it has begun to fade with time and local production areas were impelled to severe conditions. Under such circumstances, the Urushi lacquer industry needed to find a new way to stay relevant in the future. 
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Traditional Craft
OPEN SOHKO DESIGN is an online database of renovation ideas and designs by professional designers and architects that anyone can copy or modify to renovate offices, furniture, etc.
Product Design, Interior Design, Furniture Design
Together with the creative team of disaster prevention book "Tokyo Bousai," and under supervision of chef Masahiro Kasahara of Tokyo's famous store "Sanpiryouron" (meaning "Pros and Cons") we created three meals, in pursuit of deliciousness. We developed stockpile foods and produced "Tokyo Bishoku" together with a concept book we edited. In the future, we speculate these kinds of magazine-like packaged designs can be delivered regularly like a rolling stockpile, almost like a magazine subscription.
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Icon Design
We collaborated with Dentsu in designing and editing the disaster prevention book "TOKYO BOUSAIi", which was distributed to all households in Tokyo exceeding 6.6 million people, issuing 8.03 million copies. Considering this book to be a universal design, we used warning colors of yellow and black stripes as the key colors, so they can be easily found when needed, using manga to simulate disasters that clearly illustrated various methods.
Graphic Design, Branding, Editorial Design
Upon collaboration with Kohshin Trading Company in Sendai, Japan, NOSIGNER designed the disaster kit called “THE SECOND AID.” This disaster kit reflects the output of “OLIVE,” a wiki-style web product launched by NOSIGNER just 40 hours after the Great East Japan Earthquake, in order to share tips and knowledge useful in the event of a disaster.
Graphic Design, Packaging, Product Design
We wanted to revive a deserted museum and create a new industry in the area. Uozu City, Toyama Prefecture. In a small city 2.5 hours from Tokyo, with a population of about 40,000, and an 18-minute walk from the station, the Uozu Buried Forest Museum is quietly built.
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Interior Design
The branding of the stationary that stands in the center of organizer notebooks, created in collaboration with Designphil, who has many fans from brands such as “midori” and “traveler’s note”.
Branding, Product Design, Graphic Design
"CAR EMERGENCY BOX" is a car-accident-prevention-kit as a series of "THE SECOND AID," a disaster prevention kit upon collaboration with Kohshin Trading Company in Sendai, Japan. The kit reflects the developer's actual experience that he was stuck in a car due to a snow storm.
Graphic Design, Packaging, Product Design
This is the rebranding for the traditional Japanese tea maker that was first to sell green tea in Japan, established in Tokyo in 1960. We based the redesign of the package, website, and other collateral on the logo and font originally used during the Edo era. For this project, we studied very deeply about Japanese tea and calligraphy.
Branding, Packaging, Graphic Design
The so called Supermoon – the lunar occurrence on March 19th, 2011 in which the moon appeared 14% bigger and 30% brighter – shined down on the people of Japan, inspiring them to believe, and have hope for, rebuilding what they had lost just over a week ago. The Moon is a topographically-accurate LED light that was created based on data retrieved from the Japanese lunar orbiter spacecraft Kaguya.
Industrial Design, Furniture Design, Product Design
OLIVE is a wiki-style web project that was launched just 40 hours after the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami. With the objective of sharing do-it-yourself tips and tutorials to benefit refugees, the site immediately spread with ideas and knowledge from all over the world.
Interaction Design, Entrepreneurship, Creative Direction
A super sustainable furniture will be a furniture using ecological materials without exhausting any wastes through production process. KINOWA is a furniture brand using timber from forest thinning in Japan. KINOWA BEAM is an LED lighting apparatus, simply using a standard timber. BEAM is designed to be flexible for users to modify freely, which can be nailed anywhere other than the LED part. As it is modified at a minimum, BEAM is not only sustainable but also reasonable.
Product Design, Furniture Design, Graphic Design
Arborism is a table which has tree formed legs. The design of these unique legs has been configured by the fractal algorithm called “Tree Curve.” Therefore, the design is an exact reproduction of the branch structure of real trees.
Industrial Design, Furniture Design, Product Design
Open Source is a software development method for anyone to use as well as improve and redistribute projects. We questioned whether we could apply this concept (widely used in the programming world), to product design, and communicate the value of Open Source design to enhance people's creativity.
Art Direction, Product Design, Interior Design
In a modern society where different values ​​coexist, different types of relationships are transcending nationalities and genders. For instance, nowadays, marriage as a form of love does not only limited to male and female couples. It also applies to same-sex marriages and other diverse partnerships, including the LGBTQ community. We questioned with what methods could we choose and express our own will freely in any relationship.
Architecture, Jewelry Design, Product Design
Transformation / evolution thinking
Generating diversity through transformation.​​​​​​​ The observation of how organisms diverge from their original archetype is known as"morphology". For example, if a dog's neck is extended, its form would become closer to a giraffe; if its mouth is widened, it would be more like a hippopotamus. Closely-related species  share a similar basic form, and it is through minute changes in that form that biological diversity is generated.
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Exhibition Design
Evolutionary Tree / evolution thinking
The principle of survival of the fittest operates in the design of man-made objects, too. Through technological advancements, changes in human preferences, and shifting temporal contexts, objects are involved in a constant cycle of selection and evolution. The premise of diversity in the development of objects is closely akin to the model of evolution of life. Human evolution is always completed by invention–the pursuit of what is faster and easier.
Art Direction, Creative Direction, Exhibition Design
Anatomy / evolution thinking
Deconstruction as a pathway to interpret a convergence of reasons. All forms compromise groupings of reasons. This is the same for both natural forms and for human design. When seeking to shed light on those reasons, if we can deconstruct the form into minute elements, it becomes easier to comprehend the reasons behind the form. In biology, this is called anatomy. Anatomy has a long history: humans have been using the processes of  anatomical dissection to learn about the natural world since around 3500 BC.
Art Direction, Creative Direction, Exhibition Design
Integration / evolution thinking
Blending and coexisting. Living creatures integrate and evolve. A leading example is the way in which single-call organisms incorporated another type of  organism, mitochondria, in the process of evolving into animal cells. Other examples include how sea slugs acquire a capacity for photo synthesis by ingesting chlorophyll from algae, and the mechanism by which children inherit dominant genes from their parents. Integration could be seen as one of the basic law of evolution.​​​​​​​
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Exhibition Design
Texture / evolution thinking
Adapting to the environment by altering color and texture. In the course of adapting to their environment, living creatures have developed a huge variety of textures and colors.​​​​​​​ For butterflies, fish, birds, flowers, and all other kinds of living things, the ultimate choice of what texture to adopt in order to adjust to the environment is linked directly to survival.
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Exhibition Design
Fluidity / evolution thinking
Humans' aesthetic sense apprehends the presence or absence of life contained in these flows unconsciously. In the world of music, too, features such as harmony and Bach's equal temperament show how humans find beauty in the fluctuation between regularity and irregularity.
Art Direction, Creative Direction, Exhibition Design
Pattern / evolution thinking
Society is changing drastically. Changes to halt the collapse of biodiversity and actions to keep a sustainable society no longer have a temporal grace. We need more people to change society. We often say that things "evolve" by changing society.
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Exhibition Design
Force / evolution thinking
Society is changing drastically. Changes to halt the collapse of biodiversity and actions to keep a sustainable society no longer have a temporal grace. We need more people to change society. We often say that things "evolve" by changing society. If we say that the changing society is evolving, will we be able to learn more about the process of this evolving society, from the evolution of living things?
Art Direction, Creative Direction, Exhibition Design
Black on a molecular level. One of the blackest substances on Earth, “ZENBLACK.”​​​​​​​ With the spread of ZENBLACK, we wanted all designers to believe in the expansion of possibilities of the color black.​​​​​​​ Rather than looking at black as a colour, we can in other words look at it as an optical property, by looking into how we can make light be “nothing”. Utilizing Japan’s nano technology, we used carbon tubes where we were able to put into actualization a black paint much blacker than the normal.​​​​​​​
Art Direction, Exhibition Design, Set Design
1/d - Once a Day
"Once a day," a brand of small products is loved by many, now a long-seller among other FELISSIMO products,  aiding the development of other original products. In questionnaires, many product buyers reported that they could, in fact, "make housework a habit" by using these products, where more than 70% answered they would continue usage. Various new products have released since "Once a day," and we will continue to support housework through this housekeeping brand aiming to "prevent housework."
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Product Design
We designed Mozilla Japan’s new office ground floor, Mozilla Factory Space, based on the idea of Open Source. Mozilla Japan is part of the Mozilla Foundation, which has promoted the idea of open source and open source software.
Architecture, Interior Design, Furniture Design
Make the market of traditional industry for most sensible customers: infants. We support the social entrepreneur of traditional craft brand 'aeru' for infants 0 to 6 years old from establishment, and we are doing design direction of product and branding. To deliver traditional industries to children and get familiar with them from childhood is nothing other than creating future customers.
Architecture, Interior Design, Furniture Design
In Japan, plants have been used since ancient times for things such as treatment of diseases, prevention of diseases and also maintenance and improvement of health. They play a role in supporting a healthy lifestyle for the people today, in the form of herbal medicines. This is catching attention worldwide even from the viewpoint of beauty and aging care.
Art Direction, Branding, Packaging
Sendai Tansu is a traditional craft from Miyagi Prefecture, combined of multiple technologies. Sendai Tansu combines wood materials such as Japanese zelkova and chestnut, creating the "sashi mono" (a technique combining two boards to make the furniture). It also uses a traditional way of "painting" lacquer called Kijiro, as well as utilizing a particular "hand-embossed metal fittings" of luxurious iron covered with decorations. In the late Edo period, the Sendai Tansu was initially made for Samurais to store their swords, where it eventually became popular as a durable and long-lasting trousseau. However, the industry failed due to the decline in demand, as housing and lifestyles evolved.
Crafts, Typography, Product Design
Taking advantage of the collective wealth of knowledge of the artisans of Izumi – the group who first created artificial pearls in Japan – we designed “Gravity pearls” for HK (pronounced haku). The magnets embedded within the artificial pearls allow it to transform from a necklace to an earring, to a ring, and to a broach.
Jewelry Design, Packaging, Product Design
A business desk born from a bidirectional drawer system that was developed in collaboration with artisans from Tokushima. The new system enables multiple drawer levels to be utilized at the same time but also decreases the amount of hard-to-reach areas.
Art Direction, Furniture Design, Product Design
LECO utilizes domestic lumber in an indoor plant showcase. There is a demand for indoor furniture designed to showcase vegetables and plants. We have designed a system using the domestic lumber and impeccable woodworking techniques of Tokushima.
Art Direction, Product Design, Creative Direction
In both nature and in structural engineering, a truss is a structure comprised of one or more triangular units. Based on this system, we designed a robust yet light-weight shelving unit by creating triangles from 3 pieces of wood. The edges of the triangle are exposed, giving it a sleek/slender appearance.
Industrial Design, Furniture Design, Product Design
The craftsmanship of shipwright technology that supported the "Awahan" naval forces of Tokushima Prefecture was handed down from the Edo period. This technology developed from the Meiji to the Showa period as a major production area for box furniture that mainly focused on chest drawers, mirrors, and altars. However, Japan's traditional industrial value of production had fallen to 1/5 in the past 40 years.
Product Design
UNIT is a series of interior furniture, that is made to the same specifications. Combine the chair and the 10w table – they transform into a bench. Combine the stool and the chair – they become a low table. This series is a flexible interior solution that can be used in numerous ways.
Product Design, Furniture Design, Crafts
The craftsmanship of shipwright technology that supported the "Awahan" naval forces of Tokushima Prefecture was handed down from the Edo period. This technology developed from the Meiji to the Showa period as a major production area for box furniture that mainly focused on chest drawers, mirrors, and altars. However, Japan's traditional industrial value of production had fallen to 1/5 in the past 40 years.
Art Direction, Product Design, Furniture Design
The craftsmanship of shipwright technology that supported the "Awahan" naval forces of Tokushima Prefecture was handed down from the Edo period. This technology developed from the Meiji to the Showa period as a major production area for box furniture that mainly focused on chest drawers, mirrors, and altars. However, Japan's traditional industrial value of production had fallen to 1/5 in the past 40 years.
Art Direction, Furniture Design, Product Design
Squares is a cabinet of perfect rectangles, which by definition, is a rectangle built from squares of all different sizes. The sparkling surface is the result of unique polishing technique using sheepskin. The magical cabinet incorporates a traditional craftsman’s trick in which you unlock the draws by opening the center drawer.
Furniture Design, Crafts, Product Design
The craftsmanship of shipwright technology that supported the "Awahan" naval forces of Tokushima Prefecture was handed down from the Edo period. This technology developed from the Meiji to the Showa period as a major production area for box furniture that mainly focused on chest drawers, mirrors, and altars. However, Japan's traditional industrial value of production had fallen to 1/5 in the past 40 years.
Art Direction, Furniture Design, Product Design
SUMI is a small wooden box, a geometrically re-designed “Yusan-bako”, a traditional picnic/sweets box indigenous to Tokushima prefecture. This is a three-tiered food box with a two-tiered outer box intended for portable use. The traditional “Yusan-bako” has two holes on both sides of the outer box, and therefore requires you to use both hands to open. However, Sumi allows the user to pull the inner boxes by one hand only.​​​​​​​
Art Direction, Product Design, Entrepreneurship
an chair
Together with the Miyazaki Chair Factory in Tokushima Prefecture, we produced "an chair" featuring an animal-like silhouette. By utilizing advanced technology of Tokushima's woodworks, together with a company that has distributed a large number of chairs to the world, we fundamentally questioned what it was in a chair that human beings felt naturally "attached" to, that go beyond the function of a normal tool we use everyday.
Art Direction, Product Design
OCICA is a handicraft brand of Oshikahantou in Ishimaki city of Miyazaki prefecture. As their name shows, Oshikahantou in Ishimaki city of Miyazaki prefecture, is a region where many deers inhabit this region. The wild deer leather used are natural, where this pen case was produced in collaboration with local fishermen. Depending on the area of the leather, its’ characteristics are all expressed differently, visible through scratches and also its’ unevenness.
Packaging, Crafts, Jewelry Design
NOSIGNER has been in charge of branding for the handmade fashion brand, ”SUSU -JOURNEY FROM / TO CAMBODIA,” and designed their items. Community factories in Cambodia which Kamonohashi Project [International NGO] has supported produce items of SUSU. When someone is faced with a challenge, Cambodians express their support with the word “SUSU!”.
Branding, Entrepreneurship, Crafts
OBI is a screen made of bamboo, by using traditional skill “Shinshi-bari” which was used when we dry clothes, it achieves a flat smooth surface. This large size screen is supported only by the tension which is made by the sticks of bamboo.
Art Direction, Set Design, Interior Design
Is it possible to make a design with high purity that appeals to the human heart again from the discarded fluorescent lamp? This project is an experimental project that uses discarded fluorescent lights as a material for space design.
Art Direction, Architecture, Exhibition Design
minim chair
Maximum impact through minimal materials. Lines and surfaces come together to form this minimal chair. Its contour is defined by a steel elasticity, while the fabric and leather conform to a classic, stackable, ergonomic chair.
Art Direction, Product Design
Prussian Blue Device Exhibition
We designed the space and installation art for the Prussian Blue Device Exhibition, an exhibition connecting Japanese art and design, which shows the latest Japanese patent technology. Prussian blue device changes its color gradually from blue to colorless by external stimulation, such as electricity. We made the blocks to show the molecular structure and devices that change their color by a switch, to show how to work these devices.
Art Direction, Exhibition Design, Set Design
We suppose you have had the experience to drop your mobile phone at least once. “Drip Grip” is a collection of water drop shaped slip stoppers for mobile phones. When we notice the existence of water drops, we rarely see a single drop. It seems like drops of water are almost transparent in our daily lives. “Drip Grip” resembles a phenomena of nature; present on the surface of your mobile phone transparently, almost invisible in order to protect your phone from dropping.
Product Design, Industrial Design, Creative Direction
Handmade Structure
We managed art direction and venue arrangements for “Handmade Structure,” an exhibition that gestured towards new attractions within paper, from the point of view of structure. For the direct marketing materials and the sample book, we chose a folding process. The finished product resembles a wooden shingle construction. Assembling the materials communicated the concept of the exhibition itself. The exhibition was held at Takeo Co., Ltd.’s showroom space, Mihoncho Honten.
Graphic Design, Pattern Design, Print Design
Waterful is an installation consisting of a table with 1000 glasses full of water. It was unveiled at DETOUR 2010, Hong Kong’s annual design event. Organized by the HONG KONG AMBASSADORS OF DESIGN, DETOUR 2010 aims to showcase Hong Kong as a regional creative hub by featuring young and emerging creative talent.
Art Direction, Exhibition Design, Creative Direction
The design of CHARCOAL CANDLE is based on humans who, once upon a time, were lighting fires in the woods to drive away the darkness and coldness of the night. While modeling the wax, it was blended with charcoal. Please enjoy the time the coal is gradually being dissolved in the liquid.
Industrial Design, Crafts, Product Design
The latest object by NOSIGNER, that appears to be a sun, is the new mirror installation for the Taro Horiuchi’s Spring and Summer collection. The concept of the collection was inspired by ‘Sun and Blood.’ For realizing the concept, we used electronically controllable LED technology, that allows projection of organic light – referring to the Sun’s corona.
Furniture Design, Sculpting, Fine Arts
Aroma Capsule is a wooden Aroma diffuser made in collaboration with LELABO & Yamanaka, Japan lacquer craftsman, for Wallpaper* Handmade project. The diffuser is specially designed for travel use, which includes an aroma oil case within a tiny wooden diffuser.
Industrial Design, Crafts, Product Design
Branding and product design for the whole project called "RIMPA 400," which celebrates 400th anniversary for Rinpa school, the origin of the Japanese art of beauty. The project collaborated with modern artisans and craftsmen who work for traditional crafts in Kyoto.
Product Design, Branding, Graphic Design
We conducted a workshop and exhibition at the Aomori Museum of Art in which we aimed to explore and rediscover "Nebuta" - one of the most famous float festivals in Japan. We collaborated with Nebuta craftsman Ryusei Uchiyama to create NEBUTOLOGY, a participatory exhibition in which we engaged visitors in a meditation on new possibilities for Nebuta. NEBUTOLOGY : BLUEROSE Blue roses don't exist in nature as a result of genetic limitations being imposed upon natural variance.
Art Direction, Exhibition Design, Industrial Design