The brand was also renamed "XS" to indicate "Extra Small." Also, to minimize the impact on the environment, some of the plastic packaging have been replaced with paper, and changes in the product design have been limited to only the logo and product colors.
The ultimate salmon roe "SUZUKO" from Kido River in Fukushima Prefecture has been developed together with the "Yoake Ichiba (Dawn Market)" which is working to revitalize Iwaki City.
ston is a new concept device that gives you an experience close to deep breathing. It is equipped with a function that allows you to regulate your breathing through the rhythm of light. By skillfully adjusting the flow of air, it balances your mind in the same way as a deep breath. The device also contains no nicotine or other toxic ingredients, making it a healthy way to blow off steam.
Akikawa Bokuen, based in Yamaguchi Prefecture, is one of the largest organic farms in Japan. Since Fusataro Akikawa established his ideal farm in Dalian, China, in 1927, they have continuously pursued their goal of producing safe and secure food. Today they provide a one-stop shop for production, processing, and delivery of chicken, eggs, milk, and vegetables. We were tasked to rebrand Akikawa Bokuen, to connect the company's consistent philosophy and initiatives with today’s customers. This branding also aimed at preserving their authentic pastoral image.
"JO-CHU ~ Purified Spirit" was created by distilling sake at a low temperature. It is neither a sake nor a shochu. We have discovered a completely new method of distilling sake that does not compromise its unique taste and flavor, meanwhile keep the high quality of sake.
We were in charge of branding the authentic coffee tool brand "CORES", used especially for specialty coffee. Based on the fact that the brand had developed by chance through the metal coffee filter "Gold Filter" that was developed together with Maruyama Coffee, we developed the same theme of maximizing the individuality of specialty coffee. We formulated a brand new concept called "coffee as it is", where we developed a logo and package design with a luxurious look, especially for people who are particular about their coffee.
Together with the creative team of disaster prevention book "Tokyo Bousai," and under supervision of chef Masahiro Kasahara of Tokyo's famous store "Sanpiryouron" (meaning "Pros and Cons") we created three meals, in pursuit of deliciousness. We developed stockpile foods and produced "Tokyo Bishoku" together with a concept book we edited. In the future, we speculate these kinds of magazine-like packaged designs can be delivered regularly like a rolling stockpile, almost like a magazine subscription.
We collaborated with Dentsu in designing and editing the disaster prevention book "TOKYO BOUSAIi", which was distributed to all households in Tokyo exceeding 6.6 million people, issuing 8.03 million copies. Considering this book to be a universal design, we used warning colors of yellow and black stripes as the key colors, so they can be easily found when needed, using manga to simulate disasters that clearly illustrated various methods.
Upon collaboration with Kohshin Trading Company in Sendai, Japan, NOSIGNER designed the disaster kit called “THE SECOND AID.” This disaster kit reflects the output of “OLIVE,” a wiki-style web product launched by NOSIGNER just 40 hours after the Great East Japan Earthquake, in order to share tips and knowledge useful in the event of a disaster.
We wanted to revive a deserted museum and create a new industry in the area. Uozu City, Toyama Prefecture. In a small city 2.5 hours from Tokyo, with a population of about 40,000, and an 18-minute walk from the station, the Uozu Buried Forest Museum is quietly built.
The branding of the stationary that stands in the center of organizer notebooks, created in collaboration with Designphil, who has many fans from brands such as “midori” and “traveler’s note”.
"CAR EMERGENCY BOX" is a car-accident-prevention-kit as a series of "THE SECOND AID," a disaster prevention kit upon collaboration with Kohshin Trading Company in Sendai, Japan. The kit reflects the developer's actual experience that he was stuck in a car due to a snow storm.
This is the rebranding for the traditional Japanese tea maker that was first to sell green tea in Japan, established in Tokyo in 1960. We based the redesign of the package, website, and other collateral on the logo and font originally used during the Edo era. For this project, we studied very deeply about Japanese tea and calligraphy.
NOSIGNER designed the package of "Anything," the brand of traditional-Japanese-style aprons. The paper bag, originally used for rice, illustrated with the apron provides an actual image of how to wear it and its lineup.
Designed for the Japanese sparkling sake " MIKADO LEMON SPARKLING" which aims at creating a new market by offering a new way of tasting Japanese sake. It is decorated with a whole peeled organic lemon rind grown in Japan. It shows the real surface of its embossed skin by UV printing, expressing natural freshness. Having the design not only easy to understand intuitively, but also luxurious like a high-class champagne bottle, it will give an impact on the current shrinking market of Japanese sake and create new fields.
We designed packages for {tabel}, a brand to introduce Japanese original herbs and wisdom of living. The package is illustrated with each distinctive color (pink, greenish yellow and blue) and picture of each herb like a plant specimen, which delivers you an image of smart/professional research on herbs.
Oyatsu TIMES
JR East Group (East Japan Railway Company) releases the "Oyatsu (Japanese for "snack") TIMES" series, the original products from the “NOMONO” project which aims for the rediscovery of communities in Japan. Eisuke Tachikawa has joined as a general producer of the product planning team, “NOMONO” direction unit.
In Japan, plants have been used since ancient times for things such as treatment of diseases, prevention of diseases and also maintenance and improvement of health. They play a role in supporting a healthy lifestyle for the people today, in the form of herbal medicines. This is catching attention worldwide even from the viewpoint of beauty and aging care.
Taking advantage of the collective wealth of knowledge of the artisans of Izumi – the group who first created artificial pearls in Japan – we designed “Gravity pearls” for HK (pronounced haku). The magnets embedded within the artificial pearls allow it to transform from a necklace to an earring, to a ring, and to a broach.
We designed the packaging for “Kanpyo Udon”, which refers to udon noodles that are blended with powder from “kanpyo,” dried gourd strips. We were given the challenge of designing packaging that would impact not only the way udon is branded, but lead to the future of branding for “kanpyo.”
OCICA is a handicraft brand of Oshikahantou in Ishimaki city of Miyazaki prefecture. As their name shows, Oshikahantou in Ishimaki city of Miyazaki prefecture, is a region where many deers inhabit this region. The wild deer leather used are natural, where this pen case was produced in collaboration with local fishermen. Depending on the area of the leather, its’ characteristics are all expressed differently, visible through scratches and also its’ unevenness.
NOSIGNER has been in charge of branding for the handmade fashion brand, ”SUSU -JOURNEY FROM / TO CAMBODIA,” and designed their items. Community factories in Cambodia which Kamonohashi Project [International NGO] has supported produce items of SUSU. When someone is faced with a challenge, Cambodians express their support with the word “SUSU!”.