1/d - Once a day
Bring fun to everyday housework, as habituation.


There has been an evolution in housework, such as the production of dishwashers, washing machines with dryers, and robotic vacuum cleaners. Despite this, the time spent by the average woman has only lessened by six minutes in the last 20 years. (According to Statistics Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, 2016 Basic Survey on Social Life

It could be that the work behind cleaning and sterilizing is increasing due to the rise in hygiene awareness. At the same time, it can be tedious to clean every day, resulting in slow progress using much more time than intended. We, therefore, questioned whether it was possible to reduce the burden and stress of housework, by bringing fun into the work, encouraging this as a habit.

食洗機や乾燥機付き洗濯機、ロボット掃除機など、家事にまつわる道具が進化しているのにもかかわらず、ここ20年ほどの間に、女性の1日における家事時間はわずか6分ほどしか短縮されていません(総務省統計局「平成28年 社会生活基本調査」より)。


A brand proposing how to "prevent housework," stressless.


We produced housekeeping brand "Once a day" for in-house marketing company handling mail orders, FELISSIMO CORPORATION. As per the brand name, "Once a day," we aimed to make housework a daily habit, proposing concepts to "prevent housework." We were in charge of product planning, development, and package design. 

The spray developed for specific areas in the household, has a compact design to be left on the table or kitchen to use at any time, that blends in with our daily lifestyle. We also aim to increase motivation by adding scratch stickers ruled out onto the spray bottles to record daily usage. This product uses ingredients that are both safe for children and pets, as well as being eco-friendly

私たちは、通信販売事業を手がけるフェリシモのハウスキーピングブランド「Once a day」をプロデュースしました。「1日1回(Once a day)」というブランド名の通り、家事を毎日の習慣にすることで、汚れをためない「予防家事」を提案することをコンセプトに、家事を続けることが楽しくなるようなプロダクトの商品企画、開発、パッケージデザインなどを行っています。


A long-seller brand, spreading new takes on housework habits.


"Once a day," a brand of small products is loved by many, now a long-seller among other FELISSIMO products,  aiding the development of other original products. In questionnaires, many product buyers reported that they could, in fact, "make housework a habit" by using these products, where more than 70% answered they would continue usage. Various new products have released since "Once a day," and we will continue to support housework through this housekeeping brand aiming to "prevent housework."

「Once a day」は、数々のオリジナル商品を展開しているフェリシモの中でもロングセラー商品となり、小規模ながら多くの人に愛用されるブランドになっています。商品の購入者アンケートでも、「Once a day」を使うことによって「家事を習慣化できそう」という答えが多く寄せられ、全体の7割以上が「今後も予防家事を続けたい」と回答しています。現在も「Once a day」からはさまざまな新商品がリリースされており、今後も「予防家事」を提案するハウスキーピングブランドとして、家事の習慣化をサポートしていきます。

1/d - Once a day

Social design by evolutional creativity. 
Art Direction
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa)
Graphic Design
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa, Toshiyuki Nakaie, Yoshiki Odake, Ryota Mizusako, Ayano Kosaka)
Product Design
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa, Sui Fujikawa, Ryusei Noguchi)


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