Disseminate declining sake industries with local appeal.

The Japanese liquor industry sales fell since the 1970s and has now dropped to about 1/3 of its peak period. Although it is said that the Japanese sake boom has recently gained popularity, some brands have become popular, but the overall impact is small, and there have been hundreds of years of liquor industry closures. In addition, although the overseas export volume of sake has increased in recent years, there are many cases where sake brewers have procured rice from other prefectures. This in comparison to the wine industry, where they have close relationships with local fields and communities, do not make the most of the local culture and other features. In such a situation, we questioned what was necessary to transmit traditional sake that many Japanese have always loved, together with the region's charm, understanding and connecting the sake industry to the future?


Intuitively communicated the product, designing with their lemons as it is.

We worked on a bottle design of sparkling lemon sake "MIKADO LEMON" by a venture company "Naorai" launched by Mr. Koichiro Miyake, who's relatives run a long-established sake storehouse in Hiroshima prefecture. In the farm of the Mikado island floating in the Seto Inland Sea, the organic lemon and sake that were grown without using any pesticides and chemical fertilizers were used as raw materials to create a new experience when celebrating, with sake. The bottle has a band that realistically reproduces the texture of the lemon peel produced through UV printing, expressing the freshness of the material. The design of the product is intuitively transmitted, as it is a brand that aims to realize the up-selling of sake, to create a new sake market. It was made to be an exclusive sake that uses Hiroshima's specialty lemons to create a presence reminiscent of high-class champagne.

広島県の老舗酒蔵を営む親族を持つ三宅 紘一郎さんが立ち上げたベンチャー企業「ナオライ」によるスパークリングレモン酒「MIKADO LEMON」のボトルデザインを手がけました。瀬戸内海に浮かぶ三角島の農場で、農薬や化学肥料などを一切使用せずに栽培したオーガニックレモンと日本酒を原料とし、全く新しい乾杯のための日本酒を作り上げました。レモンの皮の質感をUV印刷によってリアルに再現した帯をボトルにあしらい、素材の瑞々しさを表現しています。また、日本酒のアップセルを実現し、新たな日本酒のマーケットをつくることを目指すブランドであることから、高級なシャンパンを思わせる存在感を演出し、広島特産のレモンを用いたエクスクルーシブな酒であるという商品の特性が直感的に伝わるデザインに仕上げています。

Currently a design that represents the region, spreading throughout the country.

A bottle that clearly expresses an unprecedented type of sake that has won numerous global design awards such as being selected in the world's top five liquor design at the PENTAWARDS, and then onto the Hiroshima Good Design Award Grand Prize, becoming recognized as a representative design of the region. Such evaluations of these awards have helped, and as the initial aim, MIKADO LEMON developed a market of clients who love liquor as a luxury item, spreading like conventional sake has never before.

In the future, by continuing the growth of this liquor, it is our future to look forward to realizing the regional activity of Mikado Island, which is the origin of the organic lemon. Currently, with Naorai Co., Ltd., we are researching and developing a completely new method of producing distilled spirits, and we are continuing at a parallel pace to create new experiences of Japanese sake.

これまでにない日本酒であることを端的に表現したボトルは、ペントアワードでお酒のデザインで世界ベスト5に選ばれるなど、数々の世界的なデザイン賞を受賞し、さらにはひろしまグッドデザイン賞グランプリを獲得したことで、地域を代表するデザインとして認められるものになりました。こうした評価も追い風となり、MIKADO LEMONは当初の狙い通り、嗜好品としてのお酒を愛してくれるクライアントを開拓し、従来の日本酒にはない広がり方を見せています。


Red Dot Award (2017)

when :
Mikado Island, Hiroshima, Japan
Art Direction
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa)
Graphic Design
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa, Andraditya D.R.)
Kunihiko Sato

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