Connecting ​​artificial pearl productions to the future.


In Izumi City of Osaka, artificial pearls have been actively produced alongside the glass industry since ancient times. It is now an important local industry, with a national market share of over 80%. With advanced technology, artificial pearls are manufactured constructed of glass beads, plastic, or the same shell cores as cultured pearls. Izumi City's artificial pearls are being exported to many countries, including Europe and the United States. Although highly appreciated, like other traditional industries, there has recently been a decline in sales and a shortage of human resources. Under such circumstances, we questioned what kind of design was needed to connect the artificial pearl industry to the future, at the same time, contribute to local revitalization?​​​​​​​


Artificial pearls modified by magnetic force.


In response to a request from the Japanese Artificial Pearl Glass Coin Industrial Association, we developed a new product, "Gravity Pearl," utilizing the technology of artificial pearl craftsmen of Izumi City. "Gravity Pearl" is an artificial pearl with a neodymium magnet at its core. They attract each other, magnetically gathering like bubbles, freely transformed into necklaces, rings, brooches, earrings, and so on. The initial request was for the launch of a new jewelry brand. However, we returned to the origin of the materials and proposed to innovate the actual material itself. By designing the pearls to change to accessories of various shapes that resemble the natural beauty of modeling, we were able to put these into products that can handle both BtoB and BtoC.

私たちは、日本人造真珠硝子細貨工業組合から依頼を受け、和泉市の人造真珠職人の技術を活かした新商品「Gravity Pearl」を開発しました。Gravity Pearlはネオジウム磁石を核とした人造真珠で、互いに磁力で引き寄せ合い、泡のように集合することによって、ネックレス、指輪、ブローチ、イヤリングなどへ自在に変化します。当初の依頼は新しいジュエリーブランドの立ち上げでしたが、素材の産地という原点に立ち返り、人造真珠という素材そのものにイノベーションを起こすことを提案しました。そして、これらが自然の造形美を思わせるような、さまざまな形状のアクセサリーに変化する設計にすることで、BtoB、BtoCのどちらにも対応できる商材に落とし込むことができました。

Updated sales records at a design event in Tokyo.


Gravity Pearl was pre-sold at the design event "DESIGN TIDE," which had attracted the most attention in Tokyo, recording its highest sales. Subsequently, there was a high expectation for future development. We received consultations on large-scale transactions. However, due to various in-house circumstances, this project was abandoned at mid-term. We nevertheless believe that the innovations achieved in this project can open up new possibilities for the Japanese artificial pearl industry and in the accessory components industry.

Gravity Pearlは、当時東京で最も注目されていたデザインイベント「DESIGN TIDE」で先行販売され、同イベント史上最高の売上を記録しました。その後も、大規模な取引の相談を受けるなど、今後の展開に大きな期待が寄せられましたが、残念ながら組合内部の諸事情により、このプロジェクトは志半ばで頓挫してしまうことになりました。しかし、このプロジェクトで実現したイノベーションは、日本の人造真珠業界ないしアクセサリーパーツ業界に新たな可能性を提示することができたのではないかと私たちは考えています。

Art Direction
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa)
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa)
Graphic Design
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa)
Product Design
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa)

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