Design a place for active learning.


According to a survey by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology, the number of school students absent from elementary and junior high schools for long periods has been increasing since the 1990s, currently exceeding by 200,000.  The main reasons for school refusal include emotional problems such as lethargy, friendship, and family environment (* Ministry of Education / Communication High School Navigation by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology <https://www.tsuushinsei-navi.com/futoukou/toukei.php>

Many children have the image of being forced to study, which is hard to become accustomed to. This image results in a certain number of children who are giving up learning opportunities, which makes it most likely challenging to enter or find employment in the future. We questioned what kind of interior design was needed to provide such children with an active learning opportunity to feel joy when acquiring new knowledge and wisdom.



A signage plan using rulers measuring growth as a concept.


SCALES is a signage plan we designed for a private cram school for children who are no longer familiar with compulsory education.  Based on the concept of “growth ruler,” we installed at the entrance a continuous RC pillar as a ruler, with 9 dimensional units. These include millimeters, centimeters, meters, yards, feet, inches, measure, and distance. Furthermore, everything from room numbers, lockers, elevator floor displays, and toilet signs all use the ruler and grid motif. Through such signage, students learn through a fun, hands-on experience by creating opportunities for active learning, to become more aware in everyday spaces, such as perceiving and recognizing their height in various units that they were originally not familiar with.


Design supporting growth for all children.


SCALES was our first ever signage project we took part in, which still functions as a design to support many children in society. The concept and design were highly acclaimed, awarded with international design awards such as D&AD. Being recognized as a design team, we were able to expand the scope of our activities, such as hotel branding. 


Art Direction
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa)
Space Design
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa)
Signage Design
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa) 
Graphic Design
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa) 
Masaharu Hatta
Client / Collaboration

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