Brand supporting those who want to challenge new parts of Asia.


As the economy stagnates, with the population declining due to the declining birthrate and aging population, business and social projects targeting only Japan are expected to decrease more than ever before. On the other hand, the rapidly growing neighboring Asian countries are a stage with great potential for us Japanese to look forward to. Under such circumstances, we questioned if we could create a brand to support the efforts of social entrepreneurs, NPOs, and student organizations outside of Japan to take on new challenges in Asia?


A new design format for canned food, resembling a bowl.


We worked on naming and the design direction for the canned brand "ASIAN ASI" using Asian ingredients. In response to existing canned package designs often using photographs and letters together on the top and side, we proposed a new format of "bowl imitation." As its name suggests, the canned food itself becomes a container, where the food is photographed from a bird's-eye view. The elements are then focused, looking beautiful at the store, finished as if a bowl when taken by the hand.

私たちは、アジアの食材を用いた缶詰ブランド「ASIAN ASI」のネーミングとデザインディレクションを手がけました。既存の缶詰のパッケージデザインは、上面と側面に写真と文字が混在しているケースが多かったことを受け、ASIAN ASIでは、「BOWL IMITATION」という新たな缶詰のデザインフォーマットを提案しました。その名の通り、缶詰自体を器に見立て、パッケージ上面には料理を俯瞰した写真のみを配し、ブランドが訴求したい要素は側面に集約させることによって、写真と文字それぞれの訴求力を高めるとともに、店頭でも美しく映え、器のような感覚で手にしたくなる缶詰に仕上がりました。

The texture of wood grains reminisces Asian tableware are reproduced on the canned foods, to thoroughly implement the design concept of a package mimicking a container. The brand name was printed on the top and sides, aiming to give an illusional visual effect of the Asian characters when viewed from directly above or from the side. The product and brand name can be seen at a glance, even when stacked on top of one another.​​​​​​​


Art Direction
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa)
Graphic Design
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa, Toshiyuki Nakaie)
Lyie Nitta
Product Photo
NOSIGNER (Kunihiko Sato)
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