Promote and disseminate advanced research on tactile technology.


It is said that vision is responsible for about 90% of our perception of the outside world in daily human life. Of course, all five senses are just as essential, indispensable for human life. However, the application of the sense of touch has many scientifically unexplained elements, and its application to industry and the field of expression has been delayed compared to other sensations. Under such circumstances, we questioned what kind of science communication was needed in Japan's tactile field, to create a community promoting such researches and advanced technologies.


Designed an exhibition stimulating tactile experience using "bubbles" as a motif.


In collaboration with designers, artists and researchers, I was in charge of organizing the second exhibition of "TECHTILE", which aims to work on a new tactTILE design that utilizes technology. As the theme of this exhibition was “smoothness,” we designed the venue with this theme with  “bubbles,” which is one of the smoothest material, at the same time stimulating the sense of touch. Foam requires a structurally stable state and has the property of maintaining the joint angle at 120 degrees. We created a space where the most advanced exhibits and primitive natural phenomena fused by incorporating the bubble's natural principles into design. The bubbles were generated by a pump, changing their state over time, while illuminated by light.

"Touch the Invisibles," was created together with researchers and media artists known for perception mechanisms, when designing the "TECHTILE #2" exhibition. On the display screen, shadows of "information life" in the shape of a miniature human figure walks around; their relationship projected like bubbles. It is a project connecting the experimental interface with information of the real world. When traced with your finger attached to the device, the vibration bounces back.​​​​​​​

デザイナー、アーティストと研究者のコラボレーションにより、技術 (TECHnology) を活かした新たな触体験デザイン (tacTILE design) に取り組むことを目指すテクタイルの2回目の展覧会の会場構成を担当しました。今回の展示テーマが「Smoothness」だったことから、最も「Smooth」な素材であり、同時に触覚を刺激する存在である「泡」を会場デザインのテーマに据えました。泡は、構造的に安定した状態を求め、常に接合点の角度を120度に保つ性質を持っています。こうした自然の原理をデザインに取り込み、ポンプによって発生した泡が、光に照らされながら時間をかけて状態を変化させ、秩序と無秩序の間を行き来する様を通して、最先端の展示物と原始的な自然現象が融け合う空間を演出しました。

知覚メカニズムの研究者やメディアアーティストらとともに制作した「Touch the Invisibles」は、「TECHTILE#2」展がきっかけで生まれました。ディスプレイ画面には、小さな人型をした情報生命の影が歩き回り、彼らの関係が泡のように映し出されています。これらを指でなぞると、指先に装着した振動装置によって指腹に触った感覚が返ってくるなど、情報世界と現実世界をつなぐ実験的なインタフェースとも言える作品になっています。

Highly appreciated, contributing to tactile technology research development.


The design of the exhibition, which produced experiences stimulating the sense of touch using bubbles as a motif, was highly evaluated from various disciplines. Moreover, "Touch the Invisibles" linked to the design concept of the venue, was exhibited in "SIGGRAPH,"  a part of the world's largest international conference and exhibition on CG. Since this exhibition, "TECHTILE" exhibitions continued, and with the evolution of VR technology, the degree of attention to tactile technology gradually increased. Furthermore, the founding members seem to be distinguished as representative researchers in Japan.

Various efforts through "TECHTILE" have greatly contributed to the development of tactile technology research in its early days. It continues to attract attention as an activity leading this area.

泡をモチーフに、来場者の触覚を刺激する体験を演出した展覧会のデザインは各方面から評価され、また、会場デザインのコンセプトとも連動した「Touch the Invisibles」は、CGに関する世界最大の国際会議・展覧会のひとつである「SIGGRAPH」にも出品されました。その後、テクタイルの展覧会は回を重ね、VR技術などの進化も相まって触覚技術への注目度も次第に高まっていく中で、創設メンバーたちは日本における触覚研究を代表する研究者として頭角を現すようになりました。


Art Direction
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa)
Exhibition Design
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa)
TECHTILE Executive Committee

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