Regene Office
We were struck by the possibility of repurposing these materials for our interior design and requested the demolition contractor to leave the waste there. If we could renovate the office in a sustainable way through the on-site upcycling of construction waste, we would be able to achieve the least environmentally harmful form of waste disposal
REN is a sustainable plant specialty store run by Nobuaki Kawahara, the fourth generation of "Tokyo Ikebana," an ikebana flower material merchant established over 100 years ago.
DOCK OF BAYSTARS YOKOSUKA, newly established as a result of this project, functions as a place to support the growth of young players who are the future of this team, and has become a new sacred place for core fans. And we hope that, this facility will become an opportunity for Yokosuka citizens to recognize again that the BayStars are the baseball team of their city, and to be proud of their existence in the future.
We wanted to revive a deserted museum and create a new industry in the area. Uozu City, Toyama Prefecture. In a small city 2.5 hours from Tokyo, with a population of about 40,000, and an 18-minute walk from the station, the Uozu Buried Forest Museum is quietly built.
A triangular building, on a triangular site. The exterior wall is made of the outer layer of the tree that is usually thrown away. For the interior, we used the materials inside of these as squared blocks - an architecture perfect for the local ecosystem. This is a welfare facility that feels like “home”, to foster hostpitalized patients as a community - like one big family.
An installation you can experience the amorphous molecular structure of glass in a model one billion times its actual size. Around 5,000 pieces of thin, chemically strengthened glass developed using AGC's cutting-edge tech are used to create it.
In 2014, tension began began to run through Japan, China, South Korea and North Korea, still continuing to this day in 2019. Yokohama, was selected as an East Asian Cultural City back in 2014, where a special exhibition "FindAsia" was held as part of the Yokohama Triennale. We were selected as an invited artist for this exhibition, to show how we can experience a world without borders.
We designed Mozilla Japan’s new office ground floor, Mozilla Factory Space, based on the idea of Open Source. Mozilla Japan is part of the Mozilla Foundation, which has promoted the idea of open source and open source software.
Make the market of traditional industry for most sensible customers: infants. We support the social entrepreneur of traditional craft brand 'aeru' for infants 0 to 6 years old from establishment, and we are doing design direction of product and branding. To deliver traditional industries to children and get familiar with them from childhood is nothing other than creating future customers.
OBI is a screen made of bamboo, by using traditional skill “Shinshi-bari” which was used when we dry clothes, it achieves a flat smooth surface. This large size screen is supported only by the tension which is made by the sticks of bamboo.
Is it possible to make a design with high purity that appeals to the human heart again from the discarded fluorescent lamp? This project is an experimental project that uses discarded fluorescent lights as a material for space design.