Created by modifying "The IRAM 30-meter telescope scanning the night sky" (IRAM-gre (Licensed under CC BY 4.0))

Are the sciences of space and starry skies familiar to people?


Humans have been fascinated by the beauty of starry nights and the mysteries of the universe since ancient times. Not only does a sky full of stars conjure hope and calmness, but it also triggers people to reflect on their past and future. Moreover, it also a reminder for a broader perspective that is beyond the boundaries of the Earth. By considering the galaxy as a part of the lifestyles, adults can gain more knowledge, and children can ideate and imagine more freely. It could be a chance for one to have a happier and more prosperous future. In a time where traveling beyond the Earth is possible, people become more familiar to the outer space and the galaxy. We wonder what kind of science communication was essential to spark people's interest and aspiration to journey to this remarkable place.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Branding the journey and life towards space.


We were in charge of the art direction for "Sora Tourism,"  a non-profit organization founded by public-private sectors. The organization defines “sora” as the charm of the galaxy and outer space, and aims to bring happiness, peace, and dreams to people by offering “Sora tourism”. As for the branding concept, we envisioned to create an attractive lifestyle from the idea of “traveling towards space”. 
We designed a logo which symbolized the journey deep into the space of stars, inspired from the “golden record”  loaded into the spacecraft “Voyage” which launched in 1977, to deliver messages to extraterrestrial life. 


Collaborations from a community centered on the universe.


With a wide range of members including researchers, former astronauts, travel agencies, media companies, and local governments, “Sora Tourism” was able to collaborate on various projects such as astronomical observation tours and rocket launch tours. As a result, a community centered on "space" is now expanding. In the future, we will add various contents on the website, for people to enjoy and to become more accustomed to the galaxy with astronomical calendars and observation maps. We are also currently searching for product developments such as telescopes and jackets for cosmic observations to  space travel one day.  We strive to promote science communication, revitalize the industry and region, to support a brand that promotes space travel as an attractive lifestyle.


Art Direction
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa)
Graphic Design
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa, Tomoro Hanzawa)
Web Design
NOSIGNER (Tomoro Hanzawa)
NOSIGNER (Naoki Hijikata)
NOSIGNER (Shoko Fujii)
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