This booklet sought to provide accurate information about infectious diseases and their prevention methods while allowing readers to enjoy learning it. We also developed a game called "SHINDAN" (SHINDAN = "diagnosis") using the PDF data of the individual pages of "FUSEGU BOOK" and released it as open-source software.
Graphic Design, Illustration
This face shield takes no more than 30 seconds to complete, simply by placing a printed template in a clear file and cutting along the lines with scissors. The template, which requires no particular equipment, is available for free online alongside a tutorial video, and has been shared on social media and other platforms. Everyone can make one easily, and hopefully individually contribute to make the shortage of medical protective equipment easier to address.
Product Design
We developed a brand new "SOCIAL HARMONY" in order to spread the culture of social distancing in a humorous way.
Illustration, Graphic Design, Interaction Design
LIFECOIN STICER, which mimic the shape of the coins in the game, can also incorporate a motion sensor as a feature, and when you step on the sticker, a distinctive sound effect will sound. In various games, coins are both a symbol and motif for increasing life. This is what inspired us to create these stickers, and we hope that people will be aware of protecting their own lives and those of their loved ones. We created this design in a fun way to easily reach people of all ages.
Graphic Design, Interaction Design, Visual Effects
On April 5, 2020, when a state of emergency could have been declared in Japan. We launched a collaborative editorial website, PANDAID, to help people survive the pandemic and encourage them to help.
Art Direction, Industrial Design, UI/UX
Influenced by 'Cool Britannia', a media-related term and policy that had thrived in the British culture back in the 1990s, 'Cool Japan' was endorsed by American journalists back in 2002. The Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry established the 'Cool Japan' Promotional Office in 2010. Following this, the elevation of 'Cool Japan' strategy as a national policy, aimed to capture demands from overseas to create job opportunities for related industries.
Art Direction, Interaction Design, Branding
Together with the creative team of disaster prevention book "Tokyo Bousai," and under supervision of chef Masahiro Kasahara of Tokyo's famous store "Sanpiryouron" (meaning "Pros and Cons") we created three meals, in pursuit of deliciousness. We developed stockpile foods and produced "Tokyo Bishoku" together with a concept book we edited. In the future, we speculate these kinds of magazine-like packaged designs can be delivered regularly like a rolling stockpile, almost like a magazine subscription.
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Icon Design
We collaborated with Dentsu in designing and editing the disaster prevention book "TOKYO BOUSAIi", which was distributed to all households in Tokyo exceeding 6.6 million people, issuing 8.03 million copies. Considering this book to be a universal design, we used warning colors of yellow and black stripes as the key colors, so they can be easily found when needed, using manga to simulate disasters that clearly illustrated various methods.
Graphic Design, Branding, Editorial Design
Upon collaboration with Kohshin Trading Company in Sendai, Japan, NOSIGNER designed the disaster kit called “THE SECOND AID.” This disaster kit reflects the output of “OLIVE,” a wiki-style web product launched by NOSIGNER just 40 hours after the Great East Japan Earthquake, in order to share tips and knowledge useful in the event of a disaster.
Graphic Design, Packaging, Product Design
"CAR EMERGENCY BOX" is a car-accident-prevention-kit as a series of "THE SECOND AID," a disaster prevention kit upon collaboration with Kohshin Trading Company in Sendai, Japan. The kit reflects the developer's actual experience that he was stuck in a car due to a snow storm.
Graphic Design, Packaging, Product Design
OLIVE is a wiki-style web project that was launched just 40 hours after the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami. With the objective of sharing do-it-yourself tips and tutorials to benefit refugees, the site immediately spread with ideas and knowledge from all over the world.
Interaction Design, Entrepreneurship, Creative Direction