Nozomi Aoyama

From Saitama Prefecture. After graduating from the Tokyo University of the Arts of their Design Department, Nozomi worked in editorial design for magazines at Okamoto Issen Design. She recently joined NOSIGNER in 2019, as she wanted to be involved in a wider variety of designs. Her hobbies include ZINE and art book productions, putting time into personal works. She exhibits annually as “Aoyama Nozomi Label” at TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR, as well as selling art books overseas to countries such as China and Taiwan. She is currently into alternating bathing (repeating the cycle from hot bath/sauna, cold bath/shower, resting) at public baths.

Representative works:
YOXO BOX​​​​​​​


埼玉県出身。東京藝術大学デザイン科卒業後、岡本一宣デザイン事務所にて雑誌などのエディトリアルデザインに携わる。より幅広く様々なデザインに関わりたいという思いから、2019年にNOSIGNERへ入社。趣味は個人製作として行なっているZINEやアートブックの製作。「Aoyama Nozomi Label」として毎年TOKYO ART BOOK FAIRに出展し、中国や台湾など海外へのアートブック販売も行う。マイブームは銭湯での交互浴。

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