To make Yokohama an innovation city


About 160 years ago, Yokohama was one of the first ports in Japan to open its doors to the world after a long period of national isolation. With this historical background, Yokohama, center of Japan's civilization, became a city of innovators, full of "Japan's firsts" such as railroads, gas lamps, telephones, and ice cream. 
Today, Yokohama is the second-largest city and largest port in Japan. However, being so close to the capital (Tokyo), it struggled to establish its own urban and economical status. In recent years, though, the Minato Mirai area has been attracting large companies' research and development facilities. It is expected to revitalize industry as a cutting-edge technology hub. 
How can we use this context to make Yokohama a leading innovation city again?


A base for fostering data science eduation and practice


NANA Lv. is an innovation center for industry and academia collaborations. It takes the form of a satellite campus for the Yokohama City University's Graduate School of Data Science and space for companies that want to collaborate with the University.
We were asked to take on the branding of the facility, and designed the naming, visual identity, and space. The aim was to position it as a hub for future innovation by fostering education and practice in data science.
Being located on the seventh floor of the Yokohama Landmark Tower, Nana Lv.’s name suggests the in-between state of a level 7 in RPG games, where you’re getting used to the adventure and start getting into the real levelling up. It symbolizes both the current location of Yokohama-based business, looking to the future for innovation, and the center's philosophy of supporting adventurers willing to take on challenges.
For the logo design, the "7" and the "L" were used as the source of inspiration for the triangular windows on the 7th floor of Landmark Tower. It was then made into a pattern and applied to the entrance of the facility and the glass surfaces of the private rooms, spreading out "NANA Lv." activities in the whole space.

「NANA Lv.」は、横浜市立大学データサイエンス研究科のサテライトキャンパスや、同大学との協業を目的とした企業のためのプロジェクトスペースなどで構成された産学連携イノベーション拠点です。
横浜ランドマークタワーの7階に位置することに由来するネーミングには、ゲームのRPGにおいて冒険に慣れ始め、今後さらなる成長が見込める状態(=「7 レベル」)が暗示されています。これは、未来のイノベーションを見据える横浜発ビジネスの現在地を象徴するものであり、同時に、上を目指す挑戦者たちを応援するという同拠点の理念を示すものでもあります。
このアイデンティティをパターン化し、施設のエントランスや個室のガラス面など空間にも展開。「NANA Lv.」の活動が空間的に広がっていくイメージを演出しています

Aiming to be the innovation hub of Yokohama 


Opened in April 2020, NANA Lv. draws lots of attention as the fresh newcomer in the Landmark Tower that has been in operation for nearly 30 years. Yokohama Mayor Fumiko Hayashi is actively working to promote resource exchange and business creation across the city. For this purpose, businesses, universities, and local governments need to come together and that’s why the Mayor declared Yokohama to be an Innovation City in 2019. 
NANA Lv. is an important base for implementing this declaration, along with YOXO – another of our branding – and YOXO BOX, a base for supporting the growth of venture businesses.
Through NANA Lv. we hope to accelerate Yokohama's innovation, by facilitating the digital transformation of Yokohama-based companies.

2020年4月にオープンした「NANA Lv.」は、開業以来30年近い年月が流れているランドマークタワーに新たな風を吹き込む存在として注目を集めています。
林文子横浜市長は2019年、企業、大学、自治体が連携し、まちぐるみで人材交流やビジネス創出などに取り組んでいくために、「イノベーション都市・横浜」宣言を行いました。「NANA Lv.」は、私たちがブランディングを担った「YOXO」や、ベンチャー企業成長支援事業の拠点「YOXO BOX」とともに、この宣言を実行に移すための重要な拠点です。
この「NANA Lv.」を通じて、横浜に拠点を置く企業のデジタルトランスフォーメーションを促しながら、横浜市のイノベーションを加速させていくことが私たちの目標です。

Art Direction
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa)
Graphic Design
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa, Ayano Kosaka, Nozomi Aoyama)
Space Design
NOSIGNER  (Eisuke Tachikawa, Kosuke Nakamura)
NOSIGNER  (Eisuke Tachikawa, Ryota Mizusako)

Yokohama, Japan

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