Yokosuka is also the home town of Yokohama DeNA BayStars.


The Yokohama DeNA BayStars are aiming to make Yokohama Stadium, their home base, a place that the public can feel comfortable and be proud of. The initiative was called  "Ballparking Initiative" and has been promoted since 2012. NOSIGNER has been instrumental in making this vision a reality, participating in the "+B" strategy, which aims to transform baseball into a lifestyle, and has attracted many fans to Yokohama Stadium. In fact, the Yokohama Bay Stars have another ballpark in Yokosuka that is a base for their second-team.What is more, Yokosuka City located close to Yokohama, was also an important place that can be said to be another hometown for BayStars. Yokosuka is also a port city like Yokohama and has deep historical ties. The next mission is to tell citizens that this place called Yokosuka is also the hometown of BayStars, creating a phenomenon that people can be more proud of this team.​​​​​​​


Branding strategy that embodies the shipbuilding town, Yokosuka.


A new facility consisting of a player's dormitory and indoor/outdoor training grounds build in  "Oppama Park" where also Yokosuka Stadium located, with the support of Yokosuka City. We were responsible for the overall direction of the facility, including the concept and signage design. The first thing that caught our attention was the fact that the facilities around the Yokosuka Stadium are located on the city border between Yokosuka and Yokohama, facing the sea. Within historical background, Yokosuka was a shipbuilding town and base town, so this place had two meanings: "facilities for ship building" and "port stop". This fact inspired us to propose the name "DOCK OF BAYSTARS YOKOSUKA," a facility named after the “DOCK". The name was officially named by the mayor of Yokosuka. The name of the facility expresses our hope that the young players of the baseball team will grow up to be top-notch professional baseball players and become famous players. The logotype of the facilities and dormitory, we used the stencils frequently used on the hull of the ship to express the coolness and toughness that reminds this city. The  team's original logo, which is also the origin of  players' dormitory's name, was similarly arranged in a stencil style. It is a symbol of this facility and has been deployed in various locations. Yokosuka, a port town with good old American atmosphere, has a style that connects with Yokohama, the home of the Bay Stars. Therefore, we developed the official typeface/font "BayStars Suns" from the framework of the BayStars typeface. The typeface/font will be used in a variety of media outlets as a link between the two hometowns and the appeal of baseball in the future.

横須賀スタジアムを中心とした施設は、横須賀と横浜の市境にある追浜に位置し、海に面したロケーションであり、そして、横須賀が造船の街、基地の街であることから、船の建造などのために築造された施設と、港の停留所という2つの意味合いも持つ「DOCK」を冠した施設名「DOCK OF BAYSTARS YOKOSUKA」を提案し、横須賀市長によって正式に命名されました。

A new sanctuary for BayStars fans.


Through the "ballparking concept," Yokohama DeNA BayStars have succeeded in attracting many new fans. Furthermore, DOCK OF BAYSTARS YOKOSUKA, newly established as a result of this project, functions as a place to support the growth of   young players who are the future of this team, and has become a new sacred place for core fans. And we hope that, this facility will become an opportunity for Yokosuka citizens to recognize again that the BayStars are the baseball team of their city, and to be proud of their existence in the future.

「ボールパーク化構想」を通じて、多くの新規ファンを獲得することができた横浜DeNAベイスターズですが、新設された「DOCK OF BAYSTARS YOKOSUKA」は、球団の未来を担う若手の活躍や成長を応援できる場所として、コアなファンにとっての新たな聖地とも言える場所になっています。


Art Direction
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa)
Graphic Design
NOSIGNER (Jin Nagao, Tomoro Hanzawa)
Space Design
ON design partners

Yokosuka, Japan

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