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Shizuoka is home to the world's largest festival.


Daidogei World Cup in Shizuoka is a street performance and performing arts festival held every November. As the branding director of Shizuoka City's concept for "On Stage Shizuoka," we decided to work on branding Shizuoka's largest festival. Daidogei World Cup has been popular with its residents as an event to mobilize around 1.6 to 2 million spectators in less than a week. It can be said that this is one of the most unique street performance festivals in the world. However, its popularity overseas was never great.

In collaboration with students, volunteers, and other supportive citizens of the event, we wanted to appeal the potential of one of the biggest international festivals in the world of street performers from various fields. We questioned what kind of branding was necessary to promote the potential of one of the world's best festivals in Japan.​​​​​​​

大道芸ワールドカップ in 静岡は、毎年11月に開催されるストリートパフォーマンス、パフォーミングアーツの祭典です。静岡市が掲げる「まちは劇場」構想のブランディングディレクターを務める私たちは、この祭典のリブランディングを行うことになりました。1週間に満たない会期中に、延べ160万~200万人の観客を動員するこのイベントは、静岡最大のフェスティバルであるだけでなく、ストリートパフォーマンスの祭典として世界でも他に類を見ないものだと言えます。しかし、これまでも多くの地域住民には親しまれてきましたが、一方で県外および国外における認知度は決して高いとは言えない状況でした。これまでイベントを支えてきた学生やボランティアをはじめとした市民の方たちとも協働しながら、海外で活躍するさまざまな分野のストリートパフォーマーが集う世界でも指折りのフェスティバルのポテンシャルを国内外に訴求していくためには、どのようなブランディングが必要になるでしょうか。

Creating consistent branding by collaborating with local students.


To show this event to the world as a street performance festival, holding the potential to attract the audience of the Edinburgh International Festival, we re-designed the traditional logo that written initially in Western notation to incorporate kanji. The purpose is to spread the Japanese word "Daidogei" to the world as an international Japanese word alongside words such as "kimono" and "sushi."

We held a competition aimed at local students, where were conducted workshops in advance to share mood boards and set key colors, to produce the key visual for this festival. With the students' works designed with a certain tone, we achieved a consistent visual development. Furthermore, we are proving the festival's size and capacity taking place in a short period of one week. We are now working on fact checks with various measures to apply for the Guinness Book of World Records.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​



Grand Winner: Mirai Miyamura (Shizuoka Design College)

グランプリ:宮村未来 (静岡デザイン専門学校)

Winner Runner-up: Haruka Suzuki (Shizuoka Design College)

準グランプリ:鈴木春香 (静岡デザイン専門学校)

Selected Winner: Wakana Oishi (Shizuoka Design College)

入賞:大石和奏 (静岡デザイン専門学校)

Selected Winner: Chiaki Oguri (Shizuoka Design College)

入賞:小栗千秋 (静岡デザイン専門学校)

Shizuoka City, Japan
Art Direction
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa)
Graphic Design
NOSIGNER (Tomoro Hanzawa)
Daidogei World Cup Executive Committee
Winners from Shizuoka Design College
SHIZUOKA DESIGN COLLEGE (Mirai Miyamura, Haruka Suzuki, Wakana Oishi, Chiaki Oguri)

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